My name is Aurora Remember Holtzman

I used to  joke that I had just enough OCD to keep my ADD in check.

I was almost held back in kindergarten for asking too many questions. When I was evaluated by a school counselor, he said, “she’s not a smaller apple, she’s an orange,” and in fact turned out to be a pretty big orange.

In high school I did everything I could to stand out as weird and different. I toned myself down over the years in the name of “maturity” but lost some of myself in the process.

I’ve always been highly sensitive to my physical environment. Little things bothered me so I learned to tune them out.

I knew there was something different in the way I reacted to the world.   The most obvious signs were health issues related to Fibromyalgia, Adrenal Fatigue and extremely poor digestion.  Over the years I’ve read so many self-help books and tried so many alternative treatments, but nothing really stuck.

My own pain wasn’t enough to motivate me.

I finally found a reason to focus on self-care once my beautiful son was born. He was colicky (and now I know highly excitable). As  I navigated those sleepless nights, I went through a divorce.  And even though I pulled through it well,the crisis took its toll.

At the time I didn’t know I was highly excitable. Looking back I saw my highly excitable traits as faults — I was scattered, I couldn’t focus, I over shared, I talked too much, I didn’t have a filter, I was too disheveled…

The truth is I was seeking out people who seemed to have it together in a way I didn’t.

Which is probably why I married my husband. Unfortunately he didn’t seem to value my highly excitable traits either, which left me even more  insecure. I was scared shitless of being a single parent.  After all, I had married a “responsible adult,” because I wasn’t sure I was one.

After the divorce I ended up going on antidepressants which helped me cope with the anxiety and feel a little better….

…BUT I had absolutely no energy or motivation to do anything, even the most basic things. My house which is never super clean was a disaster, toys and clothes were scattered everywhere… I just didn’t care.  I had this roommate with cats that peed  everywhere, which finally pushed me over the edge.

The meds were sapping my energy and motivation and I was gaining so much weight! I wanted  a way to feel better naturally. I tried the allergy elimination diet, I tried Paleo… I did acupuncture, and body talk energy healing.

Slowly I started to heal. I started to see my highly excitable qualities as strengths. I found a community of highly excitable people who didn’t even recognize the things I thought as faults, as faults.

I also realized, I had done remarkable things in the last few years.

It wasn’t until my son started to have trouble in school that I came across the term “overexcitability.” This was when I was finally able to connect the dots and put some language behind my experience.

Now I can see the very things that I saw as faults are my greatest strengths:

  • I have a strong appreciation for other people’s perspectives.  I tend to be very accepting,” which isn’t difficult for me when I can see the good in most people.
  • When I am in tune with my body, I can stop things like headaches from stopping me in my tracks.
  • Even though I’m tired a lot, I am lively and engaged in social settings.
  • I am extremely good at seeing the big picture and putting together seemingly unrelated information.
  • I am full of creative ideas, and I’m finally starting to use them.
  • When I’m in touch with my powers, I’m in tune with my body’s messages, I fall asleep easier and wake up feeling well rested, I’m more productive, maintain a healthy weight I’d given up on when I moved to a colder climate. I soon found a partner who loves me BECAUSE  of my quirks instead of despite them.

I decided I wanted to work with other Highly Excitable women to help them stop focusing on what’s “wrong” with them and finally see what’s really right!  

I see so many brilliant women beating themselves up for not living up to their own expectations and it breaks my heart.

My life took another a turn as I prepared for my second wedding. Out of nowhere, my father suddenly decided he wanted to help us start a small B&B at a beautiful retreat space in the Columbia River Gorge called Quinn Mountain Retreat. Now I can use this space to help women reset, and recharge and reconnect with their power! 

My mission is to help Highly Excitable women use their Excitability to connect with their unique super powers, balance their energy and feel a sense of accomplishment in their life.

Think you might be Highly Excitable?  Sign up for my free 3 day Find Your Superpower Course - and get an excitability checklist and tools to help get you harness your power!