Embracing Intensity

Accountability Mastermind


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Join other gifted and outside the box thinkers to support you in achieving your goals!

This fall Iā€™m launching our first Embracing Intensity Accountability Mastermind to help gifted and outside the box thinkers harness the power of their intensity so they can really use their fire without getting burned! Often we know what it is we would like to be doing, but we need the accountability of a group, coach or mentor to help push us along the way. Group support can also help us to see our own blind spots and where we might be pushing against things instead of going with our natural flow.

Accountability mastermind

We will meet twice a month to:

  • Set clear goals.

  • Follow up and share progress.

  • Hold each other accountable.

  • Get feedback from a supportive community.

  • Offer and receive support from like minded people.

Surround yourself with community that can help you shine your light even brighter!


"The benefits of working with you have been so great in such a short amount of time. STAR is becoming my mantra when I'm hitting high stress times. I'm so glad I started with you as I'm working on finishing up this big project. I'd originally thought, "I'll wait until afterward, now is not the 'perfect' time." Thankfully, I tossed that thought out because learning about self-care and improving my self-empathy through all the stress and chaos was the 'perfect' thing to do! We had a conversation about sleep - or lack thereof, because I wake up at 5 AM with my brain on overdrive. The plan we came up with is helping immensely! Waking up at 5 AM with my brain on fire is becoming more and more rare and that's made a huge difference!" ~ Alesia Zorn, Lettering Artist


This 3-month group program is $95 a month or $275 paid up front. Additional 90 minute 1:1 sessions can be added for $200 each or purchased in a custom package at a discounted rate.


"I never thought I would work with a life coach but it was one of the best things I did last year. The toolkit alone was worth the price of the Ignite Your Power Program! I signed up because I thought it was a good time with extra flexible time ahead of me. Then life happened and got pretty crazy, but your tools helped me get through. It's kind of like having a baby you know, there's never a 'right time' to do it. I'm glad I did it when I did." ~ Rifat Salam, Professor of Sociology