Find Your Power! 

Combining my years as a school psychologist with coaching, I help outside the box thinkers identify their processing strengths and weaknesses and come up with tools and strategies to help them more effectively navigate work, school and life with a better understanding of what works for them, and what does not. 

Psycho-Educational Assessment

I offer comprehensive psycho-educational evaluations based on the Washington State criteria for Specific Learning Disability, with an analysis of Patterns of Strength and Weakness per Oregon SLD guidance, for a flat rate of $1500* including:

  • Full Scale Cognitive Assessment using the WAIS IV or WISC V

  • Comprehensive achievement test using the WIAT III or KTEA-3

  • Interview and questionnaires.

  • Overview of processing strengths and weaknesses.

  • Educational recommendations.

  • 1 call to go over the results and answer questions.

  • 1 follow-up coaching call to put strategies into practice.

*Payment plans may be available on a case-by-case basis. Additional assessment in memory, executive functioning and other processing areas available at additional cost. Partial testing such as cognitive only or processing tests is also available.

Who and What Can I Assess?

I can assess cognitive, achievement and processing abilities as relevant to the identification of Specific Learning Disabilities in the state of Washington. I can also identify processing strengths and weaknesses, including executive functioning skills, and make educational recommendations based on that profile of strengths and weaknesses. 

I cannot make medical or mental health diagnoses such as ADHD or ASD, though I can identify cognitive processing patterns and executive functioning weaknesses. If you have a pre-12 grade child and believe your child would be eligible for special education services, I recommend pursuing psycho-educational assessment through your child's school district. 

Educational Consultation

Curious about learning and processing strengths and weaknesses? Already have an evaluation but not sure how to interpret it? I also offer consultations on existing test data at a flat rate of $150, which includes:

  • Cognitive Processing rating scales that can be completed by self, parents and/or teachers as desired.

  • Identification of any pattern of processing strengths and weaknesses on existing testing (relevant if there is a large spread in test scores - if all test scores are average or close to each other, no likely patterns will emerge).

  • Handouts with visuals to explain processing areas of concern if they come up.

  • Recommendations for relevant accommodations and modifications for specific areas of weakness.

  • Support you with developing questions for follow up with the student's school/evaluation team so you can better understand the results.

  • Recommendations for possible testing areas that might give more relevant data. (I always recommend pursuing what you can through your school, but also understand that school districts vary in their testing practices).

I cannot give legal advice as districts and states vary widely in their practices. 

Additional consultation available at an hourly rate of $150.

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My Credentials:

OSPI Certified School Psychologist

Educational Specialist Degree in School Psychology, Chapman University

Masters of Arts in Educational Psychology, Chapman University

16 years of identifying Specific Learning Disabilities, mostly in the state of Washington and some in California.

Training and experience in identifying processing deficits and patterns of strengths and weakness. 

Presented at SENG (Supporting the Emotional Needs of the Gifted) national and OATAG state conferences. 

Masters Capstone Project on Gifted Education. 

Member of district Equity Committee and Highly Capable (Gifted) Selection Committee.

Lifetime interest in the unique needs of gifted and twice-exceptional learners. 

Personal experience in the limitations of school based assessment that only focuses on mandated state requirements. 

Located 30 minutes NW of PDX on the WA side of the Columbia River Gorge.

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