$1 Store Self-Care Toolkit

I've been working on putting together this Free Self-Care Toolkit challenge with printables and prizes, and I thought it would be fun to figure how much stuff I could find at the dollar store to enhance your toolkit. I'm certain there are a lot more things you could find there if you explore, and of course not every store is the same, but here's a few things that I found along the way.

Binder Accessories:

You can pick up a 5.5x8.5 binder at most office supply stores for around $5. If you buy a 3 hole punch, make sure it has adjustable holes. You can buy book covers in a variety of colors that fit nicely on this size binder. For some reason, any time something is for a 5.5x8.5 binder, it seems to be 3x more expensive than the same thing made for 8.5x11. I decided to make my own binder pouch with a grommet set I borrowed from my sister. I used the blue pouch that came with a smaller one that fit inside. I also found 3 dividers with pockets, but for my own kit I made my own (available with the printables here). They also have a variety of labels that are handy to use for lots of things.


I wouldn't buy much in the way of food at the dollar store, but you can buy peppermint tea, which is good for digestion and energy, as well as chamomile tea, which is soothing. I also got Tic Tacs, and you can use the containers for other small things. At the top is a pill key chain, which I thought could be useful for keeping small stuff in, and fits one or two tea bags.

Sensory and Entertainment Tools:

There are all kinds of toys and entertainment tools you can find at the dollar store. One I did not picture was a Sudoku book. I did buy some bubbles, earbuds, playing cards and pom pom balls, because they are soft and fun to play with. I also got a cloth to clean my glasses, which is also soft to touch. They can be useful for soothing, distracting and energizing.

Art Tools:

Exploring with art is a great way to address many areas of self-care. You can use it to soothe or distract yourself. It is a great tool for observing your thoughts and connecting with your feelings. Some things I found at the dollar store include permanent markers, glue sticks, a variety of colored pencils, pencil sharpeners and more pom pom balls. I also found some small scissors that come in twos.

Writing Tools:

If you want something more portable than a full sized planner, index cards are a good way to go. You can find them in bright colors as well as in white. You can also find index card or coupon files to store them in. They also have a variety of journals, but I liked these cute ones that are super portable and came in a set of three.


You can buy or make your own binder pouch to fit in your planner, or if you have bigger items you'd like to carry around, you can find some nice tablet cases in regular and mini sizes that can definitely be used with other things.

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