Are you an introvert, extrovert or ambivert?

A few months ago I noticed a theme of introvert vs. extrovert posts running around social media.  In my opinion many of them seemed polarizing and reinforcing of generalizations and false assumptions of whichever temperament the author was not.  In the last week I noticed a different theme - what if you're both?  I was gearing up to write about this topic today when a post came up using the term ambivert, which it turns out, is exactly that quality of being somewhere in the middle, or both.

For my purposes, I see introversion vs. extroversion as a function of where you are most likely to feel energized - alone or with other people.  Based on that definition alone, I am an extrovert.

That said, I hate crowds, would much rather go to a small party of intimate friends than a big one with strangers, and am easily drained by people who's energy feels somehow "off" to me because I am a Highly Sensitive Person and have empathic tendencies.    I can also get recharged by quiet walks in nature and a nice long bath.

Most people see introversion and extroversion as a spectrum, in which case ambiversion would fall squarely in the middle.  I personally see that you can have qualities of both.

- Perhaps you gain energy sharing your passion with others, but feel drained by small talk with strangers.

- Perhaps you enjoy social contact but are easily overstimulated.

- Perhaps you love the energy at parties but would rather observe than participate.

- Perhaps you are more one temperament, but have learned to look like the other.

- Perhaps it just depends on the day...

So what do you identify with most, introvert, extrovert or ambivert?  Or do you identify with something else altogether?

Photos by Guy Holtzman Photography on Instagram.