It's Not About Self-Control

I was first inspired to become a life coach when I had a life changing experience with my relationship with food. After years of trying to "eat better," I finally felt the connection between how I ate and how I felt. I had always thought I had really bad willpower, but I found when I saw clear results I had mad willpower skills!

I wanted to help women, like myself, who were prone to extremes increase their own self-regulation so that they could do the things they needed to do to feel better.

But I didn't see the flaw in my own thinking. Forcing yourself to do things you don't want to do and forbidding yourself to do the things you want to is a sure fire way to burn yourself out!

It's not about having better self-control, it's about getting better at listening to your own needs, both physically and emotionally.

All these years I've been beating myself up about not following through on the things I knew I should be doing, when what is really the best way to gain energy is to do the things that make you feel powerful and joyous!

This message was really brought home to me as I finished writing my talk on Breaking Free From Fatigue, which I'm presenting tonight. If you are not already on my mailing list, you can get the details by signing up for my Self-Care Toolkit! Come join us!