The Power of Retreat!

I became a school psychologist in order to help kids, but found the “system” draining and difficult to change. I thrive on positive change, creative projects and learning new things, but after I had my son, my free time with him became more important to me so I took a job closer to home that had less opportunity to work directly with kids.  

I went through a divorce shortly after my son was born, and between single parenthood and work, my opportunities for creative expression and collaboration became fewer and farther between. 

In my personal health exploration I started to become excited again about something - writing a food blog. Since I wasn’t a nutritionist, but I wanted to help other people live healthier lives, I decided to train as a life coach. Then I started to notice a pattern - the more I had things in my life that excited me, the better I felt!

This last year brought with it some wonderful things! The biggest of which were getting married and an unexpected move to Quinn Mountain Retreat, a small Bed and Breakfast in the Columbia River Gorge. Between good and challenging stressors, including going back more into a challenging school job situation, my fatigue and chronic headaches increased. I found myself back in a place where it felt good to be “needed” but it was also draining.

In mid spring, I decided to invest in 6 months of coaching to move me forward on projects related to my business. While I didn’t really have more time, and I was still dealing with the same stressors, having a clear vision of where I was going and the support and accountability to get me there helped me to feel more energized, and in turn helped me to get more done that really mattered.

What I realized was this, when I don’t think I “have the time” to do the things I’m excited about is exactly when I should be doing more of them because those are the things that give me energy. 

Now that I have this amazing retreat space ready, I decided that I needed to offer live programs to help women who are either on the verge of burn-out or a big break through (or both). This enables us to dig in deeper away from the daily grind than is possible through phone and online coaching alone. 

Whether you just need to break away and reset your energy or need ongoing support in meeting your lofty goals, I have an option for you! In addition to my 3 month Ignite Your Power! program I've used to help facilitate significant transformations, I now have two more options that include an in-person live retreat with me at Quinn Mountain

Embody Your Power!

6 Month Coaching And 1:1 Retreat

This Program Is For You If:

  • You know you want to make a huge difference, but you have so many ideas, you don’t know how to take action. 
  • Your sense of duty or obligation- in putting other's needs before your own- is eclipsing your joy and fun.
  • You would love to experience a relaxing reset, AND move forward with a structured plan to achieve your most important goals.

Reset and Renew Retreat

Live 1:1 Weekend Retreat In The Columbia River Gorge

This Program Is For You If:

  • You feel like a burnt-out idealist - you have been putting yourself last for so long, you are worn out.
  • You know you need to take the time to plan for self-care, but you need to get away from it all to reset and recharge.  
  • You need to reconnect with your fire so you can move forward with renewed energy!