Spring Fever!

The year I turned 13 and hit puberty, I spent a period of several months in the spring coming home and crying almost daily. From that point on I've had an annual fatigue/ low grade depression every spring. I knew that it was because I had trouble handling the ongoing stress of the school year. I would later find that this was a form of Adrenal Fatigue, from which I believe I've suffered for over 25 years.

I went into education so that I could have my summers off, but it would often take me the full 2-3 months to recover and then I was right back into the fray. Every time I'd have a break, my body would shut down with brain fog, headaches and exhaustion. I'd save up projects to get done in my free time, but they'd never get done so I'd feel guilty when I went back to work.

I believe this is a common dilemma with the highly excitable. We have a strong drive to make a difference in the world, so we are drawn to situations that might be draining. We are also more sensitive to our environment, so we are more deeply affected by things. Quite the catch 22.

So what can you do to keep from crashing and burning?

Be clear on your purpose. When you have a clear sense of purpose and why you are doing what you are doing, it makes you feel more powerful. Feeling powerless is draining, so taking steps to actively move toward your purpose can help energize you.

Set aside YOU time. Be sure to include time in your day to relax and recoup. If you save it up only for vacations and weekends, you are more likely to crash when the time comes.

Build your own self-care toolkit. Have a collection of tools on hand that help get you back in balance when you start to feel off.

I am offering a free Power Zone Toolkit: 7 Days to More Focus, Energy and Fun, with free resources to help start your own personal toolkit.