Survey Results

Thanks to everyone who filled out my survey to help shape the future of the Embracing Intensity Community! I got 13 responses, which was great. I share a brief overview on my Facebook Video here, which will also go on the podcast next week. If you have more thoughts on things you’d like to see in the Embracing Intensity Podcast and Community Moving Forward, I would love your thoughts!

What is your favorite thing about the Embracing Intensity Podcast and Community?

  • Interesting people

  • That we talk about hard things and that intensity is actually acknowledged and not treated like the enemy the rest of the world seems to treat it (at least in my experience).

  • Motivation

  • Many topics covered

  • Honestly, just knowing there are others like me in the world

  • My favorite thing is hearing stories from people who share aspects of them selves I had always thought , “I am the only one‚”. Each unique story helps me to understand more about what excitability is and that helps me understand my own challenges

  • Everything about the podcasts & when others participate in conversations.

  • Seeing where lots of awesome people are in their journeys, and getting a sense of what the terrain ahead of me can look like. Thinking through the Ignite questions.

  • The amazing speakers/interviewees, so many great experiences and examples of arriving at growth and self-acceptance!! It's a credit to you- to curate, create and produce these podcasts.

  • That I'm so much like you and your speakers which is the first time in my life that I've felt as though people were speaking my language.

  • It's a difficult thing to sum up because it is built on so much context. My favorite thing about the podcast is when you do non interview solo podcasts. They seem to be the most story driven and while the interviews are great, there's just something about the solo podcasts that feel like you're hanging out, and talking about something you care about. The community is a difficult one for me to evaluate because I struggle to interact in it consistently. I love that you are trying things that give your audience a place to interact.

  • The consistency of posts is nice, I love the variety of guests and topics. Meeting people who share some of my interests especially around neurodiversity. The positivity.
    The great variety of personalities, abilities and experiences of your guests!

Survey Results

What topics would you like to see covered on the Podcast?

  • Ways to share what you’re working on and offering one another help or collaboration

  • What is intensity, how to heal from the wounds being rejected for your intensity throughout your whole life has caused you and why it is that so many people dislike intensity and want those of us who are intense to just calm down.

  • More diversity and career oriented stuff

  • Coexisting with less intense individuals :)

  • Becoming & being successfully self employed when you are both gifted & ADHD

  • The stories that share ‚”this is how I was feeling”, “this is what I did, and how I feel now.”

  • Successful gifted EMPLOYEE formerly not successful :)

  • (Forgive me if these are covered already, I joined the community just last year and haven't caught up.) Ways to test out goals when you're not sure where you're going as a newly (self-)identifying gifted person. Being at peace with not knowing what kind of 2e you are.

  • Hard to think of a topic, you've covered so many good ones. But, age-ism might be affecting me soon, as I'll be job hunting soon.

  • Parenting as a (highly) gifted woman. Surviving child custody discussions as a gifted/2e woman (Aspie).

  • Growing old as a gifted woman. Autism burnout as a 2e gifted woman. feeling at home in a tough and challenging/changing world, self care, finding community, maybe the process of becoming a coach or workshop leader.

  • I'm a senior now, over 60, in other words...ageism, I suppose, or a great senior guest artist! Second careers, by someone who's had a great experience with that.

What else would you like to see in the Embracing Intensity Community?

  • a directory of members that lists their skills, interests and connections they'd like to make

  • Something like an accountability group where people share what they are working on and other people share suggestions and resources.

  • I need to engage more deeply and commit to connecting more regularly . You are offering some wonderful help here!

  • Just don't you burn out yourself, Aurora.

  • More engagement by more members

Current Offerings

Overwhelmingly, the top priority to continue for my current offerings was the Embracing Intensity Podcast, which of course costs the most to produce. Because continuing the podcast is a top priority for me, I am working on creative ways to make it sustainable. The online Embracing Intensity Community was the next highest priority, which is why I’m diving in this summer and fall to really flesh out that community and use this data to inform where I focus my energy. Interestingly, those who completed the survey prioritized my Ignite Your Power course over the monthly guest calls, so I will be working on refining that course in the new year! In the mean time, you can access the current and future lessons in the Embracing Intensity Community as a basic member feature!

What is clearly not a high priority right now for the community is local offerings. This is likely because such a large part of my audience is national or even international. Because of this, I decided to cancel my Unconference and focus my energy on more online offerings in the fall!

current offerings.png

Future Offerings

Once again, the indication is that local events are not the top priority for this audience. What pleased me was to find that there was a considerable amount of interest in a future course on Befriending Your Brain and an Online Mastermind Group! I may also play around with live group chats in the community.

In order to make the Befriending Your Brain course as useful as possible, I’d love to get your input on exactly what you would like to see in such a course. There are so many directions I can go with it and I want to make sure it’s as useful as possible to you!

Future offerings.png

One-on-One Support

Based on the ratings, online group offerings seem to be the top priority for our community. As a whole, educational assessment and consultation were not the top priority, but there was slightly more interest in adult assessment, which I will be exploring further. It would definitely help inform my coaching, which was the top in terms of one-on-one services.


Other ways to support Embracing Intensity

For those interested in supporting the Embracing Intensity Podcast financially, monthly pledges were the preferred choice. This can be done through Patreon or through the Embracing Intensity Community Membership. You can also find merchandise on our Xpress Your Power Shop.


Next Steps

I am excited to dive deeper in developing the Befriending Your Brain course and Accountability Mastermind to launch in the fall!

In the mean time, for the month of August, I will be having a Membership Drive for the Embracing Intensity Community. If you join us in the month of August, you will receive a “Use your fire without getting burned” journal and enter to win a free T-Shirt or comparable item from Xpress Your Power!

We will also be having a Summer Camp Themed Scavenger Hunt to bring more play into your summer, starting August 12th! Keep an eye out on our Facebook and Instagram pages for details!