The Gift of Love

I LOVE to give meaningful gifts - so much so that if I find the perfect gift, I never want to wait until the next appropriate gift giving occasion.

That said, I HATE getting gifts just for the sake of getting gifts.  If I don't have the time to find something meaningful, I often forget or go for a gift certificate because then they can find something useful.

So how to we find meaningful gifts that don't cost lots of money? 

I recently posted the question to my Facebook group, League of Excitable Women, "What would be the best gift someone could give you that doesn't cost money?"

Always a source of helpful information, Stacie Forbes of the e-Research Boutique, said, "Depends on the recipient. I like the 5 love languages, so: (1) love language = physical touch, then hugs or massage; (2) love language = quality time, then time and undivided attention; (3) love language = gifts, then hand written letter or home-made item; (4) love language = words of affirmation, then a recorded message or note of all the reasons you love the person; and (5) love language = acts of service, then home cooked dinner, laundry, or babysit."

I had heard of the 5 Love Languages, but never really looked deeply into them.  Turns out my highest language is in acts of services and my lowest is in receiving gifts.  No wonder I'm not big on giving gifts just for the sake of giving them because they are expected.  Among my Excitable friends, things involving quality time were the most popular.

Here are some ideas you might consider:

Acts of Service

  • An invitation to a home cooked dinner
  • Help clean the house
  • Clean and fold laundry
  • Offer to babysit
  • Offer to run errands

Quality Time

A one on one coffee/tea date with no distractions, where we really listen to each other. And laugh a LOT

  • Going on a walk or hike to spend quality time with them
  • Come and sit and talk at me while I clean. For some reason I can mega clean if someone it talking to me while I do it
  • Sitting up and talking until all hours
  • A field trip to somewhere where I can pet puppies

Physical Touch,

  • A hug
  • A massage
  • Some cuddle time
  • Scratching my back
  • Playing with my hair

Words of Affirmation

  • Expressions of love
  • A recorded message
  • A note of all the reasons you love the person
  • Expressions of gratitude
  • Appreciating their quirks

Receiving Gifts

  • A hand written letter
  • A home made container garden, full of succulents from their garden
  • Passing along a much loved book
  • A hand made gift
  • Materials for a recycled art project

Photos courtesy of Guy Holtzman Photography (except the one he's in above).