I Am a Walking Paradox

I was once described by a close friend as an enigma.

This is strange because I'm one of the most open and transparent people I know.

I have little structure inside my head and need lots of structure on the outside.

I am quick to see the big picture, but may miss obvious details.

I am honest almost to a fault, but usually can find a way to say things in nicely.

I am bothered by little things, but I can also tune things out.

I am both highly efficient and highly inefficient at my job.

I have an extremely low pain threshold, but an extremely high pain tolerance.

I over think almost everything, yet can be extremely impulsive.

I have a lot of empathy, yet I can be unobservant of the people around me.

I am frequently fidgety and constantly tired.

I write concisely or ramble, but not much in between.

I am a completely open book, yet still manage to surprise people.

I am a spiritual rationalist... or am I a rational spiritualist?

I am a walking paradox, and I wouldn't have it any other way!

Photos courtesy of Guy Holtzman Photography.