Where Do I Even Begin?

This week, I get to share my interview with Ivy LaClair, of the Motivational Millennial Podcast. Her work with podcast partner Blake Brandes is so important in my eyes because I believe that it will be the Millennial generation that changes the world!

They get a bad wrap from people who believe they have unrealistic ideals, but as Ivy points out you can do a lot with that energy if you have the drive and determination to work hard for your dreams.

But how do you stay motivated when there seem to be so many things in the world that need to be fixed?

Especially when, as intense individuals, you may be easily overwhelmed. If you are a big picture thinker, it may be a challenge to channel the executive skills involved in prioritizing, planning and executing the little details that are required to make lasting change.

Here are some things I have found helpful when I don’t even know where to begin:

Prioritize - One thing that can be particularly daunting when you are overloaded with things that seem equally important is to pick one or two things where you can take decisive action. If you are having a hard time with prioritizing, I wrote a blog post on Five Tools for Prioritization.

Use your powers! - If you are still having a hard time narrowing your focus, I find it useful to think of where you, personally, can make the biggest difference. I wrote this post, Are You on Purpose? to help clarify  what your own purpose, mission, vision and values are so that you can choose things that are in alignment for you.

Say No - Once you’ve clarified what’s in alignment for you and prioritized where you can be most effective, work on the practice of saying no to the things that don’t align. In Saying Yes by Saying No, I offer a handy little flowchart on when to say “no” so you can say “yes” to the things that really drive you - although in the current world climate, I'd change the word "fun" to rewarding or meaningful. 

Dull the Noise - Last week I talked about why you need to Dull The Noise So You Can Hear The Signal. Signal is the important information that helps inform your decision making and keep you moving in the right direction. Noise is everything else that distracts you from getting clear signal. With so much going on on social media right now, that is a major source of noise. Be selective of how you spend your time there and how you use the information you pick up.

Connect - In this digital age of connection it can, ironically, be easy to feel disconnected. We are overburdened with noise, and yet true connection can be a challenge. I find myself going online to connect with friends, only to get distracted and disheartened by the noise. This last week, I had several opportunities to connect both in person and on the phone with positive people that I care about and it made all the difference in the world. While as an extravert, I am charged by being around people, connecting with yourself is equally important. Mindfulness and time in nature can help listen to your inner signal.

As an intense or excitable person, you might be feeling extra overloaded on the stress meter these days! Just know that you are intensely powerful! I'm starting a free Ignite Your Power challenge this month to help you harness that power without burning out. You can find out more or sign up here!

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