Where's Your Zone of Genius?

This past week I got to interview the wonderful Melissa Opie for my upcoming Embracing Intensity Podcast. One thing she said that really struck me was, "For people who really have found that thing that really lights them up - it gives them a reason to wake up in the morning and just feels so good like, 'Yes! I know why I'm here!' So when people have found that, I don't think that there's any danger of them not doing anything." Melissa has clearly found her "zone of genius" as Gay Hendrix describes in his book The Big Leap.

Most people don't ever get to their zone of genius. If they are experiencing some success, they might be in their zone of excellence. More likely, they are in their zones of competence or even incompetence.

I've spend most of my life in my zone of excellence and competence. I found a job that I do quite well, but not one I'm uniquely suited to. The nature of the "system" is that I'm required to do all kinds of things that I'm competent at, but don't really enjoy.

Your zone of genius is about the joy of using your own unique talent. They are the thing you do that maximize on your abundance and satisfaction. I found this cool handout on finding your zone of genius when I researched it for this post.

I'm still working on narrowing down my own zone of genius, but I know it involves connecting with people and information. When I think of what I'm uniquely suited to do, the best I can describe it is "decoding" communication. What I mean by that is finding ways to communicate so that I am understood and understanding what people mean when their communication might not always be clear.

My sister has clearly found her zone of genius in crochet design. I gave her only a few months notice that I was getting married and she took on a technique that she'd never tried before and is creating this brilliant one of a kind piece. Basically she gets a picture in her head and she produces it - literally as you can see in her book Reversible Color Crochet.

Finding your zone of genius goes along with what I've been talking about regarding energy balance as when you are in that zone you feel powerful and energized!