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Educational Consultation

Curious about learning and processing strengths and weaknesses? Need help interpreting an educational evaluation? I offer consultations on existing test data at a flat rate of $150, which includes:

  • Cognitive Processing rating scales that can be completed by self, parents and/or teachers as desired. 
  • Identification of any pattern of processing strengths and weaknesses on existing testing (relevant if there is a large spread in test scores - if all test scores are average or close to each other, no likely patterns will emerge). 
  • Handouts with visuals to explain processing areas of concern if they come up. 
  • Recommendations for relevant accommodations and modifications for specific areas of weakness. 
  • Support you with developing questions for follow up with the student's school/evaluation team so you can better understand the results. 
  • Recommendations for possible testing areas that might give more relevant data. (I always recommend pursuing what you can through your school, but also understand that school districts vary in their testing practices).

I cannot give legal advice as districts and states vary widely in their practices. 

Additional educational consultation available at an hourly rate of $150.