Coaching & Retreats

One on One Coaching

In order to explore your own intensity, I offer individualized coaching via zoom. Due to the deep thinking nature of my clients, I’ve found it best to offer only 90 minute sessions to really dive deep in each session, with a minimum of 6 sessions scheduled ahead in order to gain momentum. The investment for this is $1,200. Each session is customized to your own needs, but some of the topics we might explore include:

Ignite Your Power!

Using my signature course in the Embracing Intensity Community, we can personalize the lessons to suit your own needs. You can find more about the Ignite Your Power Course here.

Befriend Your Brain

Combining my years as a school psychologist with coaching, I help outside the box thinkers identify their processing strengths and weaknesses and come up with tools and strategies to help them more effectively navigate work, school and life with a better understanding of what works for them, and what does not. Working one-on-one with me, we can explore your specific profile and find tools that help you use your brain’s strengths and navigate your weakness.

Find Your Focus

Many gifted and outside the box thinkers find themselves with branches in many directions because they can see the possibility in everything! If left unpruned, you can wear yourself out and not be as effective in any direction. If you over-prune, you may be left with nothing that nourishes your soul! Together we can explore what makes you come alive and prioritize so you can enjoy your passions without spreading yourself too thin.


Our suite at Quinn Mountain Retreat is a safe space to explore and connect so that you can take your healing to a deeper level. I currently offer one-one-one or pair retreats in our suite, and an annual Unconference for the Embracing Intensity Community. I am working on ideas for small group retreats and DIY solo retreats as well. You can sign up for our mailing list to receive updates.

Reset & Renew Retreat

I offer a 3 day retreat and coaching intensive to help you recharge your batteries by reconnecting with your purpose and planning for your own self-care.  You can find out more about the Reset & Renew Retreat here.

Embracing Intensity Unconference

This year’s Embracing Intensity Unconference will be August 31st-Sept. 1st. You can find out more on our Facebook Event here.