54: Celebrating 1 Year

This week we celebrate the one year anniversary of the Embracing Intensity Podcast!

In this episode, Aurora shares:

  • Lessons learned from a year of doing the Embracing Intensity Podcast.
  • How the podcast is evolving into the next year. 
  • Other ways she is shifting her work to better meet the needs of her audience and align with her goals.
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52: Riding the Wave

Have you ever tried to force a wave? How'd that work out for you? When we are faced with intense emotions or uncertainty, it is tempting to push towards or against things, when it might be more effective to just ride the wave.

In this week's episode, Aurora shares:

  • About times she has faced the urge to force things.
  • What inspired her to "surf the waves."
  • Some of the fun things she has coming up at Quinn Mountain Retreat. 


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49: What Really Matters

Have you ever had an experience that made you questioned what really matters in life? Aurora did when she had to gather up her possessions for a fire evacuation. This week, we break the pattern a bit with a new emergency solo episode.

In this episode, Aurora shares:

  • Her own fire evacuation story that happened last week. 
  • The scariest moment that made her realize what really matters. 
  • How you can still join the Harness Your Power Challenge, that starts today, to help build your tools for stress management and emotional regulation. 


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48: Harnessing Intensity

Do you want to help change the world, but burn yourself out in the process? You are not alone! This week, Aurora shares how it looks when you are making the most of your intensity. In order to do your best work in the world, you need to make the most of your intensity without crashing and burning.

This week:

  • Aurora shares how each of the 5 excitabilities look when well harnessed, as well as when out of control or suppressed.
  • Why it's important to harness these intensities. 
  • How you can join her upcoming free Harness Your Power Challenge and build your toolbox to stay in the harnessed zone. 


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46: Intense Parenting

Is being a parent everything you expected? With Aurora's background and skills in education and behavior supports, you'd think she'd be much more prepared for parenting than she was.

Parenting always brings surprises, but parenting an intense child as an intense parent adds additional challenges - especially as a single parent most of the time. 

In this episode:

  • Aurora shares the early signs that she had an intense child. 
  • Some of the challenges she found along the way.
  • The most important things she's learned over 9 years of intense parenting.
  • Her own next next steps in refining this whole parenting thing. 


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44: Intense Families

Were you the black sheep of the family or from a family of black sheep? So many intense and creative people grow up feeling like few people "get them." Aurora was fortunate to have a whole family who mostly understood her. 

In this week's episode she shares lessons learned on how to survive and thrive in an intense family, including:

  • 4 keys to successfully navigate intense families. 
  • How instead of bringing home stray dogs, they brought home stray people. 
  • The power of open communication. 


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43: Using Your Fire Without Burning Out with Jenny Shih

Has the world ever sent you the message that you are too overbearing? Has your passion come across as pushy or uncaring? For Intense women, we walk a tight line between being true to ourselves and communicating effectively. When the world is already sending women the message that they need to take up less space, to be mild and meek, Intense Women have the ability to make a change. We simply need to change the terms.

If you are ready to stop these mixed messages, then take a leaf out of Jenny Shih’s book. Jenny left her run-of-the-mill corporate job to pursue a job where she could make her own rules. Now, she uses her fire to equip women to start a business on their own terms. She believes that success is as unique as you are. This week, Jenny and Aurora share the ways that they have developed their business savvy while using their fire without burning out.

In this episode:

  • Jenny’s inspiring business coaching philosophy.
  • Exploring healthy habits for introverts.
  • Knowing and trusting yourself and your feelings.
  • Jenny’s quiet time habits to help her pay attention to her body and her mind.
  • Harnessing creative fire with coaching systems.
  • The power of social media.

Jenny Recommends

The Power of Now Eckhart Tolle

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42: Embracing the Woo

Are you more of a rationalist or a spiritualist? Do you ever feel conflicted between the two? This week, Aurora shares how she moved from straddling the woo woo fence to jumping in to get her Reiki Master Certification. 

As intense creative people, we often get stuck up in our heads and many alternative healing practices help get us out of our heads and into our bodies.

In this episode, Aurora describes:

  • How her own health issues have never responded to traditional western medical approaches. 
  • What approaches have worked in her own healing journey. 
  • The importance of community and connection. 


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40: On "Underachievement"

"You are so smart but..." "You have so much potential, if only..." "you just need to work harder." Are these words triggering for you? After years of being told these things in school, they definitely are for Aurora.

This week, Aurora talks about how despite feeling like she has pretty good self esteem, she still gets that feeling that she's not doing enough. 

In this episode, Aurora shares:

  • A bit of her own journey to discover how to work best with her own strengths and challenges
  • How things that seem "easy" for everyone else can be extremely difficult for her and others like her.
  • Why it's not about "working harder" and more about learning how you work.


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38: Survival Mode

Have you ever reached that point of fatigue where you just don't have the energy to do the things you know might energize you? You are so exhausted, you think "what's the point?" So you go ahead and do the things you know will make you more tired later. 

Even though she still experiences pain and fatigue, sometimes when she hits that wall she remembers how things used to be when she felt that way all the time. This week she talks about how she got out of "survival mode."

In this episode Aurora Shares:

  • The three main things that come to mind that helped move from surviving to thriving.
  • Her adventures with food that led to further explorations on what energizes and drains her.
  • How one simple mind shift can make draining activities feel more energizing. 


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37: Success Secrets for Intense Business Women with Madeline Roosevelt

Do you feel like life is pulling you in too many directions? Are your passions less laser-focused and more like scattered sunlight? Are you ready to make a difference, but not so sure how to get there? You are probably just like so many beautiful, intense women who are ready to make their start. You are probably just like Madi Roosevelt.

Madi is a Single Mom and a founder of not just one, but three startup companies. She is the founder of a Single Mom community, where moms can join together and combine their inner fires together. Madi knows what it is like to have a lot of plates spinning, so now she shares with Aurora this week the secrets to her success. Be inspired to pursue a dream of your own this week as you listen.

In This Episode, Aurora And Madeline Discuss:

  • Madi shares how her childhood impacted her own intensity.
  • Hear the ways Madi is changing the world through startups and service.
  • Turn the dark days brighter with a few easy steps.
  • Learn to take time for yourself.
  • Listen as Madi shares how the Portland housing crisis inspired her to make a difference.
  • Find focus, even when life pulls you in many directions.
  • Learn to let go of pride and control.
  • Madi shares her tips for organizing a multi-potentiality mind.

Madeline Recommends:

The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks

The Go-Giver by Bob Burg


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36: Give Yourself Grace

What happens when you fail to meet your own expectations? Do you berrate yourself or push yourself past your limits? Aurora has worked hard over the years to ease up on her self-expectations while still keeping some consistency and routines. This week she talks about what happens when those things don't always work together in harmony. 

In this episode, Aurora shares lessons learned about:

  • Giving herself grace and space.
  • Planning ahead for low energy cycles.
  • Honoring the importance of routines, while still giving yourself grace to bend them sometimes. 

In this episode:

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