01: The Real Life Struggles of an Approval Addict - Amy Pearson

Are you an Approval Addict? How about a Gold Star Chaser? For so many Excitable People, it can be exhausting and unfulfilling simply living life under the shadow of the approval of others. If that sounds like you, listen in to the latest installment of “Embracing Intensity.” This week, Aurora interviews her mentor Amy Pearson about her own struggles as an Approval Addict. Amy is a life coach, mother, and deep believer in helping women come into their own authenticity. In this episode, she dives deep into what it means to live free from approval, and gives you the tools and opportunity to be who you truly are! 

Join Aurora and Amy to experience all that Episode 1 has to offer: 

  • Amy shares how she journeyed from people pleaser to fearlessly fulfilled.
  • Discover what it means to be an Approval Addict, and how to break the cycle.
  • It is time to drop the façade of likability, and start embracing that inner fire. Find out how!
  • Learn how to channel your intensity instead of pursuing affirmation from others. 
  • Moms really do know best—learn what wisdom Amy embraced to change the course of her life. 
  • Unlock what it means to Amy and Aurora to unearth your own authenticity. 
  • Amy describes what it means to find her Tribe, and discover how you can find your Tribe too. 
  • Check out your Approval Personality with Amy’s specially designed quiz.


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~ Embracing Intensity Podcast ep. 01: The Real Life Struggles of an Approval Addict with Amy Pearson
If you start to channel your energy into places that are truly interesting to you, that is when things really explode! ~ Amy Pearson on Embracing Intensity Podcast ep. 01
She stopped chasing gold stars and finally found her tribe! Embracing Intensity Podcast ep. 01 with Amy Pearson
I'm passionate about helping women drop the facade of likability and allow what's underneath to come through. ~ Amy Pearson on Embracing Intensity Podcast ep. 01