06: From Creative Storm to a Beautiful Life with Anna Kunnecke

Would you consider yourself the “Creative Type?” Does life seem to be barely within your control? Do you ever find yourself toning down your big, grand ideas for the sake of appearance and opinion? If so, you might be like this week’s guest on “Embracing Intensity. Join Aurora as she interviews Anna Kunnecke. 

Anna is a life coach, writer, and mother on a mission to lead women out of the creative storm of clutter and into a more beautiful, more authentic life. Her coaching allows women to stop stifling their joy, and embrace the things they truly love. Tune in to hear about Anna’s journey across oceans and disciplines as she explains what it means to declare dominion over this beautiful life. 

Listen in as Aurora and Anna discuss: 

  • Anna’s journey from toned down and timid, to creatively big and epically badass. 
  • Discover how Anna figured out how to live life in the “ethereal realm”
  • How to engage with your creativity, and let it be as big as you want it to be 
  • Find out what it takes to be a Heathen Mystic 
  • Uncover the magic of “morning pages” 
  • Find out how you can be a part of the next Queen Sweep for a more beautiful home
  • Get connected to Anna’s weekly blog with tips and tricks for intense, sensitive, and creative women 
  • Learn the two requirements for being an EFBA 


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Anna Recommends:

Parenting Without Power Struggles by Susan Stiffelman

Steering by Starlight by Dr. Martha Beck