07: Transforming How You Frame Your Intensity with Leela Sinha

    Meet Leela Sinha; she wants to transform the way you talk about Intensity. A savvy, joy-seeking, transformation-loving, Intensive Person, Leela literally wrote the book on what it means to Embrace Intensity. After realizing that she was not “too much,” but rather exceptionally intensive, Leela made it her mission, work, and ministry to gather up the voices and experiences of others to write her new book You’re Not Too Much. Now, she is here to share her passion, wisdom, and excellent advice for all of us Excitable women to stop suppressing our authentic selves, and start living life fully. 

Leela created a language that she could use to describe her experiences to other. Now, let her challenge and transform your own thinking about Intensity in this week’s podcast!

  • Hear how Leela was inspired to write her book because of her inability to describe her own intensity. 
  • See how the general attitude towards intensity is turning away from a negative light to a positive light. 
  • Find out the ways that a strong online community fed and encouraged Leela’s ideas
  • Discover the difference between an Intensive person and an Expansive person
  • Join Leela and Aurora as they discuss their experiences being intensives in an expansive world. 
  • Learn about Leela’s Ten Point Intensive scale, and where you might fall. 
  • Know the importance of seeking out other Intensives
  • Leela shares how being an Intensive can affect your work life, personal life, and spiritual life. 
  • What is the effect of the 2 point gap? Listen to find out. 
  • Find out if you are a repressed Intensive. 
  • Hear how Leela’s book, online coaching, and resources can unlock your true potential as a wildly passionate Intensive Person. 
  • Learn how to tailor your life in an Expansive world to your Intensive personality.


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