08: Healing for the Gifted Adult with Paula Prober

As a child, were you deemed over-sensitive, dramatic, or over-emotional? Are you a deep thinker, intellectual, or intense creative? Perhaps that just means you are gifted. Join Aurora in this week’s “Embracing Intensity” as she interviews Paula Prober, an expert on the gifted population. Paula has journeyed through many disciplines from education to counseling and now to writing. Her interdisciplinary wisdom has led to a fascinating and enlightening perspective on the mind of a gifted individual. The gifted are often intense and excitable. Paula’s mission is to show the world how the gifted adult can seek healing and live life to the fullest.  

Inside this week’s episode: 

  • Find out if you could be “gifted”
  • Learn how to apply Paula’s analogy of the Rainforest Mind
  • Find out how to discover ways to connect with your body and hone your wonderful giftedness
  • What does the Argentine Tango have to do with giftedness? Listen to find out! 
  • Learn strategies Paula suggests for taking care of yourself.
  • Discover the Healing Arts, and the key to finding a good therapist.
  • Hear how Paula changed her voice, and why it mattered so much to her! 
  • Uncover how writing, meditating, seeking therapy, and SLEEP can help you embrace your fully gifted life.


Paula’s Blog: Your Rainforest Mind


Your Rainforest Mind: A Guide to the Well-Being of Gifted Adults and Youth by Paula Prober

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