09: Intensely Interested in the World with Gwen Montoya

Ever get the feeling like your brain has too many tabs open? The world and everything in it holds such a thrill for you, and yet with so much excitement there comes a bit of exhaustion and confusion? If that rings true for you, then you have much in common with this week’s guest on “Embracing Intensity.” Meet Gwen Montoya, a single mom with a mind for marketing and a mission for helping women in business succeed. 

    Aurora and Gwen spend some time mulling over what it means to be intensely interested in the world as a whole. How can someone harness that passion? How about harnessing it for other people? Listen in this week as Gwen shares her heart and insight so you can learn embrace your inner fire. 


  • Find out how a homeschooling mom working from home turned her passion for marketing into a thriving business. 
  • Hear how Gwen’s passion for research plays into her personal brand of intensity. 
  • How does going to the gym have anything to do with mental intensity? Listen to find out!
  • Discover how nurturing her family’s brand of intensity allowed Gwen to encourage her own. 
  • Are you Type A on the inside, and Type B on the inside? Then Gwen has some encouragement for you. 
  • Hear about Gwen’s love of the musical Hamilton, and how it translates to her identity as a Geek of Everything. 
  • Learn about Gwen’s role in developing businesswomen in marketing their businesses in a way that fuels their passion. 
  • Discover the MOB Northwest and the deep community moms in business can find together.  


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