101: With Understanding Comes Calm with Julie Skolnick

You do want to do the very best for your children, right? And help them reach their full potential? At times we need some guidance with that, so today we are thrilled to welcome Julie Skolnick, the founder of With Understanding Comes Calm LLC, to the show. With Understanding Comes Calm passionately guides the parents of gifted and distractable children, mentors, 2E adults, advisers, educators, and professionals, on bringing out the best and raising self-esteem in their students and clients. Through raising her three twice-exceptional kids, Julie became intensely passionate about guiding parents and training teachers and clinicians to look at their caseload through a 2E lens. Listen in today to find out how Julie channels her particular brand of intensity.

Julie has a real passion for building self-esteem in 2E individuals. She is secretary to Maryland's Gifted And Talented Advisory Council. She is the Maryland liaison for supporting the emotional needs of the gifted (SENG), she reviews parenting strength conference proposals, and she's a committee member for the National Association For Gifted Children (NAGC). Julie serves as an adviser to  “The G Word” feature documentary, which is currently in production. Through the digital media division of With Understanding Comes Calm, Let's Talk To E, Julie is producing two days of 2E virtual conference. Julie is a frequent speaker and prolific writer. She produces a monthly newsletter called Gifted and Distractable. Join us today to find out what she has to share.

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Show highlights:

  • Julie explains what she is intensely passionate about.

  • Julie explains what her personal brand of intensity is like.

  • You shouldn't always have to turn your intensity down.

  • Julie explains her intense connectivity.

  • What growing up so intensely was like for Julie.

  • Finding someone who really understands you.

  • Hugs are really necessary.

  • Some people suffer from sensory deprivation as a result of technology.

  • Stay true to yourself and enjoy your life!

  • About Julie's blog called 'Don't just do something, stand there'.

  • Every moment can be a learning moment- and a moment for growth.

  • Julie's whole life changed- and now she brings what she discovered to the world.

  • What helps Julie harness the power of her intensity.

  • The importance of positive self-talk.


Julie's website: With Understanding Comes Calm

You can subscribe to Julie's newsletter at the bottom of any page of her website.

Julie's email: julie@withunderstandingcomescalm.com 

Julie's Two Days of 2E virtual conference is launching on Friday and Saturday, October 26th and 27th. After that, they will be on-demand through to April 2019. You can find more information and sign up here! You can also watch this video summary here!


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Every moment can be a learning moment - and a moment for growth. ~ Julie Skolnick on Embracing Intensity Podcast
With Understanding Comes Calm with Julie Skolnick
If you can plug into the world in this intense, organic way, it can be really fulfilling. ~ Julie Skolnick on Embracing Intensity Podcast