107: Finding Balance as a Gifted Adult with Alexis P. Morgan

Are you a gifted adult? if so, are you putting your intellectual gifts to good use? Today we're super thrilled to be talking to Alexis P. Morgan. Alexis fills her time and earns her keep as a writer, artist, and troublemaking socialite. She does all of this as the proprietress of her blog, Death, Sex, and Taxes. Alexis is a truly remarkable person who has really shared so much of herself in her work, and in her powerful writing about her navigations as a gifted adult. Listen in today to find out what Alexis has to share about finding balance, as a gifted adult.

Black, leftist, and glorious, twenty-seven-year-old Alexis lives each day in the spirit of her devotion to truth, justice, and liberation. She particularly enjoys taking an ax to capitalism and oppressive f@ksh*t. She also loves spinning and telling tales about the universe and its many wonders. And oversharing about her own ongoing inner monologues. Listen in to find out what Alexis has to say about dealing with the challenges of having an overactive brain and really intense emotions.


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Show highlights:

  • Alex explains how her recent diagnosis of relapsing, remitting multiple sclerosis has affected her.

  • Alexis talks about her recent, bold decision to become trained as a professional dominatrix.

  • Inspiring social change through her writing.

  • Alexis initially started writing as a way of dealing with growing up in a toxic environment.

  • Her really difficult time in school.

  • How writing helped her to cope with her intensely active mind.

  • Being morbidly intense at the age of six.

  • Living in a state of hyper-arousal.

  • Realizing that there are many different ways to use one's gifts.

  • Alexis's interest in power dynamics.

  • We live in a culture that's very antagonistic towards neurodiversity.

  • Alexis sees herself as a culturally conditioned introvert in some ways.

  • Intensity does not imply irrationality.

  • Alexis uses her fire as a catalyzing force, rather than a destructive one.

  • Alex speaks about her first exposure to the world of kink and sex-positivee and how it relates to her healing journey.

  • How Alexis manages to relax.

Alexis's website: Death Sex And Taxes

Alexis on Facebook: Alexis P. Morgan

Book: Your Rainforest Mind by Paula Prober 

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Social change requires vision ~ Alexis P Mogan
Finding Balance as a Gifted Adult
I started writing as a way to manage my emotional intensity. ~ Alexis P Morgan