11: No One Has Life All Figured Out - Melissa Opie

Feeling like you’ve lost your light? Is your default answer to life’s simplest questions, “I don’t know?” Melissa Opie, this week’s guest on “Embracing Intensity” can relate. Melissa has made it her life’s mission to encourage women as a life coach (or, as she likes to put it, Life Architect). After struggling with toning herself down as a child, and then sacrificing her self-confidence as an adult to “Play the Game” of life, Melissa has found a place where she can fully embrace her intense self, and accept that no one has life figured out.

Aurora joins Melissa as she describes the habits and inspirations that have taken her from Quarter Life Crisis, to business-owner and CEO. Get ready to re-energize your mindset. 

See how Melissa has embraced her intensity on this week’s episode!

  • Learn how to stop putting yourself last, and say “yes” to yourself instead.
  • Are you struggling with insecurities? Melissa has some inspiration for you!
  • Walk with Melissa through her Quarter Life Crisis 
  • Find out how to change your answer from “I don’t know” to “Yes, I actually do know.” 
  • Uncover Melissa’s healthy habits for a self-secure life. 
  • What’s your “Thing?” Melissa explains how she found her own Thing and it transformed her life!
  • Change your Mindset, change your life. 
  • Discover what a Life Coach can do for you.

Melissa Recommends:

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