145: Nneka Coxeff: Healing, Connecting and Sharing Your Gifts

I met a wonderfully interesting person about a year ago. We were introduced through a women’s business group, and we chatted for hours when we met for coffee. I knew I had to get her on the show so you can hear her story and mission.

Nneka Coxeff is the editor-in-chief of Black Lace + Pearls magazine. She founded the creative lifestyle and healing arts magazine to showcase her inspirational works while merging her skillset as a writer and longtime publicist. Nneka has created a beautiful platform for other healers, professionals, and entrepreneurs to connect, build community, and share their gifts and talents with the world. Nneka aspires to inspire others to live out their desires and to turn their dreams into reality, all while owning their unique authenticity and individuality. Black Lace + Pearls magazine highlights women around the globe who make it their business to serve the world to make it a better place for all. The magazine holds a special place in its mission for female powerhouses and game-changers who are breaking barriers within their field.


Show Highlights:

  • Why Nneka is intensely passionate about her role as a married mother of five, along with inspiring and motivating others and helping people realize their purpose

  • How a former boss made all the difference in Nneka’s life by seeing something she couldn’t see in herself

  • How Nneka’s personal brand of intensity includes a lot of energy and positivity

  • Why Nneka became an introvert and a journaler due to her intuition and inquisitiveness as a child

  • How she was shaped and affected by being told to “stop asking so many questions” as a child

  • How competitiveness with yourself can be misinterpreted

  • How Nneka’s family was the only black family in a predominantly white neighborhood with some white supremacists

  • How toning down led to Nneka turning inward and leaning on journaling and writing

  • Why Nneka’s intensity is sometimes out of control in her passion for motivating others

  • How Nneka helps others see the good in themselves and advocates for authenticity

  • A look at fitting in vs. belonging

  • Nneka’s Write to Heal workshops

  • How Nneka learned to be resilient through the death of her young son

  • Why Nneka wants to help people own the losses that come in life and learn to move through them

  • How writing and meeting other intense people have helped Nneka

  • The importance of the power of self-care practices like meditation and journaling

  • The best advice Nneka has received: “Give from your overflow.” (Don’t deplete yourself or you’ll have nothing to give!)

  • Meaningful books: A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle, The Secret by Rhonda Byrne, and all of Iyanla Vanzant’s books

  • Know your intentions, know your history, and know yourself

  • Thoughts on the law of attraction

  • How Nneka helps others by encouraging them to own their talents and special gifts and put a voice to their personal stories

  • Nneka’s parting advice: “Keep doing you and living out your purpose.”


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Email Nneka:  nneka.denise@gmail.com

Nneka’s website:  BLP Magazine

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I learned early on to go inward and build my intensity within myself. ~ Nneka Coxeff
Healing, Connecting and Sharing Your Gifts With The World with Nneka Coxeff
I'm intensely passionate about helping others realize their glow and glory. ~ Nneka Coxeff