19: Making Your Own Wellness a Priority with Giovanna Rossi

What are you bringing into today? Is it stress, frustration, confusion, and a general sense of being overwhelmed? Do you struggle to strike a balance between your intense passions/desires and your everyday life? Friend, you are not alone! For the Intense woman, it can be difficult to sort out the demands of work, home, and personal wellness, but Giovanna Rossi has made it her mission to help you. 

    In this week’s episode of “Embracing Intensity,” Aurora sits down with Giovanna to become equipped for the demands of life while celebrating what it means to be a woman. The founder of Collective Action Strategies, Family Friendly New Mexico, and the Well Woman Life Radio Show, Giovanna knows a thing or two about feeling overstretched. In addition to her excellent credentials, she has a unique perspective to share growing up with a dual nationality in the US and the UK, as well as being raised by a single mom. Have a listen to Giovanna’s journey to wellness, and prepare to begin one of your own. 


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More in this episode: 

  • Hear how Giovanna’s dual nationality shaped who she is today. 
  • Giovanna describes the experience of skipping the 3rd grade in the US, only to be pushed back a grade in the UK. 
  • Giovanna’s intense passion for women’s issues, her fierce sense of justice, and they ways she is working to help women live their best lives. 
  • The importance of community and social support in order to live well. 
  • Discover the Pros and Cons of being a Type-A, Strategic, Linear thinker. 
  • Become aware of your own style of communication. 
  • See how Giovanna began her own Well Woman journey to create balance in her busy life. 
  • Learn Giovanna’s Four Tools for Wellness. 
  • See why Giovanna only shares business advice. 
  • Learn healthy habits that will introduce wellness into your life. 


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