35: How to Find a Coach that Gets You and Your Intensity with Rikky Maas

Coaching is a topic we love on “Embracing Intensity,” and it is not hard to see why. Beautiful, Intense, Excitable women often find themselves in a bit of a pinch. How can you learn to be exactly who you are in a world that you feel too much for? How can you chase your dreams without getting burned out? Is it even possible to find a career and a passion that works with your Intensity, rather than against it? For many, the solution is simple: find a coach you gets you!

This week’s guest, Rikky Maas, has a life-giving message for you this week, one with hope and passion and a touch of wanderlust. Rikky’s path to coaching was one of self-discovery. Through extensive travel all over the world, to discovering how spiritual signs and forces influence her life, Rikky learned that the best, most authentic career she could have was to be a coach. Now, she is on a mission to help people like you discover their true passion and live a life worthy of their inner fire.

In this episode, Aurora and Rikky discuss:

  • See how high intelligence and high intensity are amazing gifts.
  • Learn how to live out your purpose.
  • Hear about Rikky’s passion for people and asking questions.
  • Discover spiritual alignment and bold purpose.
  • The impact of deep conversation and intellectual satisfaction.
  • Rikky shares about her travel experiences and the life-altering impact they have had
  • How passions motivate your business.
  • “I know I’m gifted, now what?” coaching.
  • Learn about The Prosperous Coach method.

In this episode:

Rikky Recommends:

Outrageous Openness: Letting the Divine Take the Lead by Tosha Silver

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How to be an Adult by David Richo

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