39: Embrace Your Passions and Don't Be Afraid to Take Action with Dr. Ashlee Greer

To all Intense Women: here’s a question. What passions light your inner fire? What gets you talking a mile a minute? When was the last time you’ve been “too much?” There, where the answers to all of those questions intersect, is your calling and your purpose. In a society designed to conform and submit, it can seem daunting to chase those dreams, to allow yourself to feel that passion purely. We need someone to encourage us to embrace those passions and charge us to act on them. We need someone like Dr. Ashlee Greer. 


Ashlee is a psychiatrist turned coach who thinks the idea of being “Too Much” is all too prevalent. In this week’s episode, she shares her intense passion for all areas of life and encourages you to make some space to embrace who you truly are. Ashlee knows that for many women, we simply need a person to ask the right questions, and set an ample stage for your own beautiful creativity to take flight. 


Also in this week’s episode: 

  • Allow yourself the space to own all aspects of yourself. 
  • Let your passion grow by removing the parts of your life that are unfulfilling. 
  • How the “Too Much Girl” can be transformed from a label of judgment into a label of abundance.
  • Labels impact how we grow up. 
  • Schools and intensity: what needs to change? 
  • Ashlee shares her own journey towards embracing her true self and letting go of conformity.
  • Harnessing intensity through entrepreneurship and self-awareness. 
  • The importance of having a life motto. 
  • Allow yourself to feel the rhythm in life, rather than only finding flaws. 
  • Ashlee’s daily rituals to feel grounded in intensity. 
  • People-pleasing and the internal tug-of-war. 
  • Ashlee helps others by asking them what they want to create. She ignites their fire. 
  • A call for a societal shift, and the encouragement to go for it. 


Ashlee Recommends 

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho 

The Gifts of Imperfection by Brené Brown




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