45: Twice Exceptional - Thriving with Your Unique Gifts with Dr. Melanie Hayes

Impossible. The world seems to throw this word at you a lot, doesn’t it? For Intense, Exceptional, Gifted, and Intuitive people, our greatest strengths are often viewed as weaknesses and disabilities. When the world tries to label your dreams impossible, what can you do to harness your fire and show the world who’s boss? Wouldn’t you like to know there’s someone who has walked that hard road before, and come out the other end burning brighter than before?  

Dr. Melanie Hayes is the founder of Big Minds Unschool, a program that allows Twice Exceptional students to thrive in their own unique gifts. Melanie is also Twice Exceptional, and she knows what it is like to be a bright fire in a world that feels too small for her. After growing up with “impossible” dreams, Melanie learned to make her vision a reality. Now she is using her fire through coaching and Big Minds to change the world. This week, she will share her stories of growing up, success through unconventionality, and wisdom to inspire you to take the word “impossible” and transform it into a force of good.

Also in this episode:   

  • Melanie grew up as an intense kid with a bit of an existential, otherworldly perspective.
  • A fascination with twice exceptional minds.
  • Working within the extremes of life, and when life doesn’t seem to want to work with you!
  • Speaking up for intense kids in schools.
  • Learning to trust yourself and your instincts.
  • Why is it so hard to recognize our gifts?
  • Overcoming fear and letting go of limitations.
  • Life-coaching a holistic being.
  • Roundabout career paths and connecting to the work you do.


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