50: Making Investments in Coaching to Change Your Life with Alesia Zorn

Have you ever thought about what coaching can do for you? Have you heard about Aurora’s programs on this Podcast, or considered joining a Retreat at Quinn Mountain? Why make the investment in coaching, and how can it change your life? Sometimes, it’s best to hear from someone’s who has done it all! Meet Alesia Zorn, Aurora’s longtime client, and creative businesswoman. Alesia knew from the moment she picked up a ballpoint pen to learn cursive that she loved hand lettering and calligraphy. She had a thriving business and leadership role, but it was draining the life out of her.  That changed after coaching!

    Alesia is intellectually and creatively intense, and each time she signed up for a group coaching session or joins a retreat, she has learned something new about herself. Coaching has allowed Alesia to pull out the most valuable tools from Aurora’s group program, which enabled her to step out on faith and make her business work for her. Now, Alesia uses coaching to refine her business, recover and take care of herself, and embrace that intensity in a way that is changing the world with beautifully crafted words. Aurora is excited to share with you a success story that is just as much about past breakthrough as well as future growth!

Also in this episode:

  • Alesia talks about how she uses calligraphy and lettering to express her creativity.
  • Choosing clients well will lead to a more fulfilling career.
  • Coaching allowed Alesia to unlock her true joy in life and change her perspective on her business.
  • Maintaining self-care is important for creative businesspeople.
  • Recovery is important!
  • Learn how the S.T.A.R method can change your life!
  • Healthy habits that can change your day-to-day routine.
  • Alesia shares the ways coaching is an ongoing process.


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