51: Transforming Emotions Into Energy with Valerie Greene

Have you ever felt full of emotions, but unable to express any of them? Do you see your emotions as a superpower, or as your Achilles Heel? Intense Women tend to feel things deeply, but instead of arming ourselves with emotions we bottle them up until we explode. Those explosions are not just our problem because they can begin to influence the people around us. Relationships are hard enough without feelings getting in the way! How can we begin to use our emotions as a fuel for intimacy and a source of inner fire? 


Our guest this week is Valerie Greene, who knows just a bit about how to transform emotions into energy. Valerie grew up in a household where emotions just weren’t talked about. It wasn’t until her unexpressed emotions began to affect her relationship with her husband that she realized emotions weren’t to be feared but embraced. After her divorce, Valerie decided she was going to focus on how our fleeting feelings fuel our relationships. She’s learned that emotions have a language, and we need to use it! Now she is using her fire as a coach and mentor who helps women have fulfilling relationships. Are you ready to explore Emotional Alchemy with Valerie? Then give this episode a listen! 


Thank you to everyone who has been on this podcast journey for the past 52 episodes. In the spirit of even more celebration, the Ignite Your Power Group Program is beginning again this Fall. You do not want to miss out!

More in this episode: 

  • Valerie shares her story of learning to embrace her sensitivity. 
  • Going through a divorce allowed Valerie to fully explore the full range of her emotions. 
  • Dive into the process of Emotional Alchemy. 
  • Growing up without a language to express emotions. 
  • Valerie’s practices that help her connect to her emotions and her intensity. 
  • Strategies that a family can use to make a space for emotions. 
  • Free Video Training and resources are available from Valerie’s website. 


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Valerie Recommends: 

Nonviolent Communication by Marshall Rosenberg

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Hold Me Tight by Susan Johnson


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