53: Fine Arts and Tarot Readings to Open Your Heart and Deeper Connection to The World with Sarah McCarthy-Sitthiket

Have you ever stopped to marvel at someone’s wondrous, spiritual journey? Are you pining for a deeper spiritual or emotional connection to the world and others, but struggle to begin? You might be kindred spirits with many Intense Women who have struggled to fully express their more mystic side. The world is so wide, and sometimes it takes a little leap of faith, and maybe a ticket across the ocean, to begin to see all that the world has to offer!

Our guest today is Sarah “Sadie” McCarthy-Sitthiket, a fellow Portlander who has always been reaching for a deep connection. Her views on self-expression radically changed on a visit to Thailand. Seeing that another culture allowed her to unlock her hidden gifts, she decided to move to Thailand and take root in her own spiritualism. Now she is running the Chaing Mai Community House in Thailand, where she helps people to open their heart through fine arts, Tarot readings, and her own poetic “Tarotetry.” Later this month, Sarah will be joining us at Quinn Mountain to share her knowledge of Tarot and encourage us to open our hearts and be a little curious. Sarah’s journey is one that you do not want to miss out on!

More to explore in this episode:

  • How a love of people led Sarah to embrace other cultures.
  • Experience Sarah’s journey to Thailand.
  • Our families, no matter how supportive, can still deeply impact our spiritual journey.
  • Sacrificing your ego in order to heal it.
  • Having to learn to operate in different cultural codes is a difficult, but worthwhile discipline.
  • Learning from difficult times to sympathize with others.
  • Intensity is like riding a surfboard!
  • Sarah has learned to listen, and that has helped her transform other people’s inner power.
  • All the details you need about our Tarot Workshop!

Tarot Workshop at Quinn Mountain October 28th - Find the details here

Sarah Recommends:

Excuses Be Gone by Wayne Dyer

Books by Caroline Myss 

Connect with Sarah:

Chang Mai Community House Facebook Page: Chiang Mai Community House

Redgun Tarot: RedgunTarot

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