57: Your Intensity is Extremely Valuable with Thais Sky

Have you ever felt unworthy? Like you didn’t belong on this planet? I think we all can struggle with the feeling that we don’t belong, but as Intense Women, it can be an extra heavy weight. Our society teaches us that we do not belong in the world at large, and many leaders are trying to take back that narrative! Today, we are bringing to you the empowering and inspiring leadership of Thais Sky, who wants nothing more than to remind you that you are valuable.

Thais is a leader, a blogger, a coach, and now, a podcaster! Her new podcast, called “Reclaim,” is all about the systematic influences that tell women they are not “enough.” Her perspective is quite unique: she was born in Brazil, grew up in Japan, and then immigrated to the U.S. where her cultural differences were stark. This unusual cultural clash led to a crisis of identity and a sense of displacement that followed her into adulthood. Her journey to healing and acceptance of her unique heritage led Thais to spiritualism. She loved the inner work she was doing but found that instead of confronting her issues, it only clouded them.

Now, Thais works to encourage women to lean into challenges, to embrace the dark as well as the light, and to work with your community to overcome issues. So much of our inner work happens in a vacuum, but Thais does not see it that way. Her work is inspiring, and so is this interview! You will not be disappointed.

More in this episode:

  • Thais shares her personal struggles about why women feel unworthy.
  • How experiences as an immigrant and an outsider led Thais to her spiritual journey of belonging.
  • Having an international family and living in cultures that valued a certain look, was a formative but difficult experience.
  •  The understanding of “family” is very different in Brazil and the U.S.
  • Ways that you can learn to vocalize your needs and set up healthy boundaries.
  • How the pursuit of greatness can lead to a misrepresentation of your identity.
  • Opening up to feelings and spirituality rather than distracting or numbing down.
  • Thais talks intersectional feminism and taking coaching into a more collective mindset.
  • Tools that Thais uses to harness her passion and gifts.

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