63: How Creativity, Spirituality, and Social Justice Intertwine with Sharon Burton

So often, we see creativity, spirituality, and social justice as three separate spaces with only a little overlap. Today, I am challenging you to think of the three as inherently connected. That is the amazing perspective my guest, Sharon Burton, uses to harness her inner fire using her creativity, spirituality, and desire for social justice. I first connected with Sharon through a podcasting group, and I was immediately taken with her story. Sharon’s head, heart, and spirit are all connected in a special way that I know you need to hear about today.                              

Sharon is most comfortable with the title of “Artist.” While collage and mixed media are her tools of choice, Sharon delights in helping others find their own unique path to self-expression. Sharon has been curating a number of exhibitions since ’06, as well as doing some consulting work with novice art collectors. She is most definitely intensely passionate about helping artists through creative recovery. Her podcast, Mindfully Creative, is one of the many ways she is looking to jumpstart creativity. Whether someone is just starting out or looking for a fresh take on their art, Sharon is right there, guiding and cheering you on.

Sharon’s creative mission doesn’t stop with coaching and podcasting. She is also a huge advocate for art education, and she loves working with young people on developing a creative spirit. Her artistic activism also fueled her desire to help others find spiritual healing as well as justice. She is also a Reiki healer, which allowed Sharon to fully express every facet of her loving and warm inner being. Today, Sharon is going to share the cultural influences of her creativity and activism, as well as all the unique situations where spirituality and the arts combine. If you are looking for a warmth and inspiration, look no further than Sharon Burton.

More in this episode:

  • Growing up with a vivid imagination nurtured Sharon’s intense passion for creativity.
  • Intensity is about creating art, giving a voice to kids, and growing the arts across DC.
  • Sharon shares all the ways she is using her intensity to make a positive change in the world.
  • Practice the things that bring you joy.
  • Sharon shares her thoughts on growing up in one of the only black families in a mostly white neighborhood.
  • Why it’s important to get out of your own bubble and experience the world from someone else’s perspective.
  • Sharon’s motivation for coaching in the fine arts.
  • Why Sharon became a Reiki practitioner.
  • Despite being intense, Sharon gives off a calm presence. She shares how her demeanor ebbs and flows.
  • A story of stepping down, stepping away, and exercising control in life’s out-of-control moments.
  • Art and creativity can be used as a change for good, and Sharon uses her intensity to encourage that in so many people!
  • Using meditation and yoga are two habits Sharon uses to fuel her creativity.
  • Never apologize for your intensity.

Sharon Recommends:

The Desire Map by Danielle LaPorte


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