65: From Toning Down to Tuning In: Listening to Your Intuition with Heather Coale Schwartz

Many Intense women often find that by toning themselves down, they also lose sight of their authentic self. When we are able to tap into our inner being, we open up the powerful tool of intuition, and it will never let us down. Today, I am delighted to bring to you a story of one woman who spent years trying to fit in by tuning her intuitive voice out, but then fully embraced herself to then bring about amazing change. This is the story of Heather Coale Schwarts, a former Psychologist turned healer and spiritual guide. Heather believes that when we tap into our inner power, we can create a life of freedom and passion for ourselves. We simply need to learn to listen to our voice of intuition.

Heather is passionate about bringing about a spiritual awakening because that is exactly what happened to her. Once she learned to express the fullness of her spirit, Heather then turned her focus towards other people. What she found was a depth of connection that rivaled any relationships she had before, and now she can explore all the wonders of this world. Heather is going to share stories of how she first looked to Psychology, rather than her own inner voice for answers. She will share the cultural impacts of being a gay woman, as well as those childhood experiences that first quieted her inner voice. At one point in her life, Heather had cut herself off from her own life force, and she began to disappear.

Not wanting anyone else to fade, Heather is sharing her wisdom and light with you today. She is one fiery woman who embraces passion and encourages intensity. I knew from the early days of this podcast that her story would fit right into our community of intense, passionate guests. It’s time to stop tuning out your own voice, and trust your intuition!

More in this episode:

  • Heather shares her story of finding the freedom to fully express herself.
  • Learning to “make it” is less about what the world has to offer, and more the inward passion to fuel you there.
  • Learn to listen to the intuitive voice rather than the fear voice.
  • Heather is intensely passionate and enthusiastic. She drives herself.
  • How meditation practices can help you tap into your own energy and intuition.
  • There is a metaphysical spiritual approach to the work Heather does that allows others to experience beyond their feelings.
  • Growing up, Heather had several intense experiences that led her to express her voice.
  • Heather shares how her experiences as a gay woman led to toning herself down and keeping her life a secret.
  • When Heather was a therapist, she had to tone down her intensity all the time.
  • What Heather does when her intensity gets out of control.
  • Heather identifies as a Fire-type person. Hear how it fuels her own brand of intensity.
  • Being true and nourishing to herself has allowed Heather to harness her inner fire.
  • Heather connects to other people through a different avenue now that she knows herself.
  • Discover how intuitive visualization, Reiki healing, and play have led Heather to a healthy lifestyle.
  • The role of laughter in a full life.
  • Heather helps women connect to their greatness by acknowledging sensitivity, and then grounding them with intuitive and energetic strategies.


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