18: Using Your Intensity to Create an Online Business with Daun Gardiner-Jacobsen

Have you ever had the nagging sense that there was something else you should be doing? Is there that Thing you love to do but aren’t confident in that Thing’s ability to support or fulfill you? If that’s the case, then this week’s episode of “Embracing Intensity” is for you. 

Daun Gardiner-Jacobsen has a passion for working with passionate women to create their own online business. She fervently believes that if you can just clarify the calling on your life, then you can find a way to market it. For Daun, it’s all about having confidence in your value so that you can create an income or impact the world. See how Daun’s story has shaped her success, as she and Aurora talk about Intensity in both the workplace and in everyday life. 

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In the podcast this week: 

  • Learn how to put the flip on your weaknesses and see it as your strength. 
  • Experience the pressure of “Self” and “Independence” our society has placed on us—especially Intense and Gifted individuals. 
  • Understand the need for community. 
  • What is grit? And why is it so hard for Intensely Gifted people? 
  • See how creating art and writing allowed Daun to have a positive release for over-excitability. 
  • See the power of being forward thinking. 
  • Experience Daun’s powerful testimony of overcoming trauma in her own life. 
  • Embrace the thing you are the most passionate about!
  • Aurora and Daun discuss the difficulty of finding and finishing a good book 
  • Daun’s encouragement for teaching non-Gifted friends and family about your processing. 

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