91: Making Soul-Based Relationship Choices with Sunny Joy McMillan

Are you struggling with a difficult relationship? Would you like to find out how to use this hardship as a means to transform your life and discover yourself spiritually? Sunny Joy McMillan joins us on the show today and she is a happy divorcee. After a high-conflict marriage, she learned how to have a really awesome post-divorce friendship with her ex-husband, until he passed away in 2018. Sunny is passionate about empowering adults to make soul-based relationship choices and using divorce as a catalyst for personal transformation and spiritual awakening. Listen in today to find out what she has to share about how she guides people towards making their relationship choices based on heart and soul, rather than culture, family, or social concerns.

Sunny describes herself as a recovering attorney and she is also a practicing master life coach, having done her coach-training and certification through Dr. Martha Beck's program. She has recently written a book, called Unhitched, which will be coming out in December. Sunny also hosts a weekly radio show, Sunny In Seattle, where she interviews inspiring guests like Gay Hendricks, Neil Donald Walsch, Mark Nepo, and many others. Listen in today to find out more.

Embracing Intensity 91 with Sunny Joy McMillan

Show highlights:

  • Sunny explains what she is intensely passionate about.
  • What took Sunny out of the life that she no longer wanted to live.
  • How Sunny's former life as an attorney helps her to guide people through her process.
  • What Sunny's own brand of intensity looks like.
  • The way that Sunny managed to free herself from a life that did not work for her.
  • What Sunny's book is all about.
  • The way that Sunny's intensity affected her while she was growing up.
  • Sunny has had to get used to feeling comfortable in her own skin.
  • Cultural factors that affected the way that Sunny used to feel about herself.
  • What Sunny has learned about her own self-worth?
  • The people that Sunny looks up to.
  • The really messy life that Sunny used to live.
  • Sunny explains her need to become a whole person.
  • The way that Sunny uses her fire for good.
  • Sunny's current purpose in her life.
  • How having a spiritual awakening has changed Sunny's life.


Book mentioned on the show: Steering By Starlight by Martha Beck.

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I knew that I needed to get out, in search of peace. ~ Sunny Joy McMillan
Making Soul-Based Relationship Choices with Sunny Joy McMillan
I looked up one day and went "oh my gosh, this is not my right life!" ~ Sunny Joy McMillan