99: Andréa Ranae: Together We Rise To Make A Difference

Would you like to make a difference? And help in transforming the world and making it a better place for everyone? Today we are really happy to have Andréa Ranae with us on the show and she's intensely passionate about social justice and liberation. Andrea is a vision led facilitator and coach, who firmly believes that together we rise. She has a program called Coaching As Activism, which she offers to people at a variety of different levels, in order to make it fully accessible to anyone who really needs it. Listen in today to find out what Andrea has to share about emotions, personal growth, and social transformation.

Andréa is deeply devoted to doing whatever she can to cultivate a world that works for everyone! To achieve this, she places her work at the intersections of personal growth, social justice, and conscious business. Andréa supports people through her Coaching As Activism program, and also by doing transformative work with them, to deepen their impact by looking critically at the way that their lives and work are connected to social change. Andrea is the co-founder of Whole Self Liberation and she offers practical tools, resources, and wisdom to people who are really committed to making change happen in their lives and communities. As a coach and consultant, Andréa works with entrepreneurs, businesses and organizations that want to be more inclusive and impactful through their approach to leadership, marketing, and company culture. Listen in today to find out more.


More in this episode:

Andréa explains what she is intensely passionate about and she describes her own, personal brand of intensity.

The effect that Andrea's intensity had on her while growing up.

Andréa learned ways to hold herself back, in order to make other people feel more comfortable with her and not worry about her, when she was growing up.

The cultural factors that affected the way that Andrea could express herself while growing up.

Andréa found it really difficult to deal with her anger.

Andréa felt that she had to tone herself down for most of her teenage years.

A time in college when Andréa's emotional intensity got out of control.

The way that Andréa uses her fire for good.

When the pain of being black in America really sank in for Andrea and caused her to deeply examine grief.

The collective pain that we all share as humans.

The disservice that we pay ourselves by avoiding our feelings.

Why Andréa is so passionate about the work she does.

Overwhelming feelings and powerlessness about what's going on in the world.

Figuring out what you have to contribute.

Harnessing the power of her intensity has allowed Andrea to show up more sustainably.

Being okay with being yourself.

About Andréa's Coaching As Activism program.


Books mentioned on the show:

The Alchemist, by Paolo Coelho


Andréa's website: Andrea Ranae

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"It can be dangerous for a black woman to express her feelings" ~ Andréa Ranae
Together We Rise To Make A Difference with Andréa Ranae
"My emotions and my capacity for emotion is really intense for me internally." ~ Andréa Ranae