Essential Oils For Learning

As a school psychologist and coach who works with gifted, creative and excitable people, I have a special interest in using essential oils for emotional balance and to facilitate learning as the two are intricately connected. 

My son finds the use of citrus oils especially balancing and they help him to focus. Be sure when using with kids to always dilute and be aware of safety precautions

As with all essential oil use, be sure to have quality oils and use as directed. When in doubt, contact your qualified medical professional. 

Below I've included some properties of common essential oils, along with some doTerra blends. At the end, I share some custom blends you can make yourself. 

Essential Oils for Learning

Why use essential oils to enhance learning?

Essential Oils are an effective tool for enhancing our learning because the sense of smell goes directly to the emotional part of the brain. 

Our ability to focus and learn is directly related to our emotional and mental state. If we are feeling calm and clear headed then we are more ready to learn. 

What essential oils are especially helpful in supporting learning? 

All essential oils can be helpful in supporting learning because they each address different emotional issues that might interfere with being ready to learn. 

Here are some oils that are especially useful in supporting the learning process*:

Cardamom– Self-Control, tolerance, objectivity, patience

Clove–Decisive, clear boundaries, proactive, empowered, protected, capable

*Frankincense - Wisdom, truth, loved, protected, enlightened

Ginger– Empowered, unstuck, committed, present, purposeful

*Lavender - Open communication, calm, expressive, self-aware, peace of mind

*Lemon- Focus, mental clarity, energized, alert, rational, joyful, confident

*Melaleuca (Tea Tree)– Energetic boundaries, healthy and respectful connections, empowered, safe

*Oregano- Humble, nonattachment, teachable, flexible, willing

*Peppermint- Bouyant hearted, optimistic, relieved, strength to face pain

Rosemary– Knowledge, mental clarity, teachable, enlightened, flexible, open

Wild Orange–Creative, humorous, playful, spontaneous, abundant, hopeful

doTERRA Blends

Balance– Grounded, stable, self-contained, connected

*Breathe- Open, receiving, supported, loved

*Deep Blue- Strengthened, accepting, soothed, serene

*Digest Zen- Assimilating experiences, enthusiastic, nourished, adjusting 

InTune– Focused, completion of projects & tasks, calm, connected, grounded

Motivate – Motivated, encouraged, hopeful, energized, confident

*On Guard*- Protected, capable, independent, reinforced, strengthened

Serenity-   Calm, tranquil, peaceful, relaxed, connected

*  Oils in the DoTerra Home Essentials & Family Essentials Kits

Essential Oils for Learning - Oil Properties Chart

Custom Blend Recipes:

Calm - 12 Lavender, 8 Lemon (or wild orange), 5 Frankincense 

Clear Head (Headache, Stress) – Equal parts Lavender, Peppermint, Frankincense

Family Harmony – 10 Wild Orange, 8 Cardamom, 6 Ginger, 6 Clove

Focus/Energy – 12 Peppermint, 8 Lemon (or Wild Orange), 5 Frankincense

Get Unstuck – 10 Lemon, 8 Lavender, 6 Oregano, 6 Melaleuca

In Control – 10 Lemon, 8 Cardamom, 6 Oregano, 6 Melaleuca

Love of Learning Blend – 10 Lemon, 8 Rosemary, 6 Peppermint, 6 Frankincense

Sleepy blend – Equal parts Lavender, Frankincense


Emotions & Essential Oils 6thEdition, Enlighten Alternative Healing LLC (affiliate link)

Essential Emotions Reference App

Essential Oil Blend for Headache & Brain Fog

With a history of Fibromyalgia, Adrenal Fatigue and ADHD tendencies, my most debilitating issue has been on and off chronic headaches. When I was in my early to mid twenties, I went for a year where I had headaches about 50% of the time. Conventional medication never helped, and I had developed a block for physical therapy which never produced immediate results. 

At that time, I finally found relief through a series of neck stretches, I believe they were called myofascal stretches, based on gently stretching the myofacia, which is found over the muscles. As I'm not a medical professional, this is my oversimplification of what I remember. The big difference between these stretches and the physical therapy I had tried and failed at is that they were extremely minute gentle stretches I held for a minute or so each while the myofacia released. I have included a description of these stretches that I wrote a while back at the end of the post in case you are curious. 

The last few years, while the stretches have helped, I often feel on the verge of a headache, and am prone to brain fog. Stopping to check in with my body is crucial - but I was finding myself taking ibuprofen way too often. After my son's birth, I learned that ibuprofen could work for me, but only in very large doses of 600+ mg, which I don't feel comfortable taking regularly to protect my liver. 

Essential Oil Blend for Headache & Brain Fog

Enter my Family Essentials Kit! I discovered that peppermint, frankincense and lavender are three of the top oils for headaches and they are all in that kit! I put equal parts in a small rollerball and apply to the base of my head and behind my ears when I start to feel tension there. You can also put some on your temples but be careful with proximity to your eyes as peppermint can sting. Be sure to wash your hands if you get it on them before touching eyes or other sensitive parts. 

Essential Oil Blend for Headache & Brain Fog:

Equal Parts:

  • Peppermint
  • Lavender
  • Frankincense 

Apply to the back of the head, behind ears and on temples as needed. 

Myofascal Stretching

I was a chronic physical therapy dropout until I was trying to get pregnant and stuck to it until the physical therapist gave up on me.  At that point, I got referred to acupuncture.  However, there has been one stretching tool that made such a difference that I did them religiously for about 5 years.  These stretches targeted my chronic headaches that I had had about 50% of the time for at least a year.  The headaches stopped, and as long as I kept them up, they didn't come back.  After a while I got out of the habit, and it probably took another 5 years before the headaches came back.  Now I'm back to doing them every night.  I have searched online for something describing these stretches, but can't find anything that does.  I decided to share here what worked for me.

Fascia is the connective tissue surrounding your cells.  The way it was described to me, if you over stretch, the fascia can snap back like a rubber band.  Myofascal stretching uses micro stretches that you hold for a minute or so until you feel a release.  The ones I did focused on my neck tension.  It is important to note that the pictures below are exaggerated to show the difference in each move.  When I actually started doing them, you could barely see my head move.  The key is to stop the second you feel a slight stretch - not pain. Then hold for a minute.

Nightly headache prevention stretches:

1. Look down - hold

2. Tilt head to the side - hold

3.  Keep head tilted and look down - hold

4. Keep head tilted and look up - hold

5. Repeat steps 2-4 on other side

Headache prevention stretches

The above stretches worked most of the time and kept not only headaches at bay, but also improved my tendency to get car sick.  I have, on occasion though, experienced nauseous headaches or motion sickness.  The following stretches help with nausea so much that I stop and do them any time I feel it coming on, and they stop it in its tracks!

Anti-nausea stretches:

1. Lean head back with head support, either behind your head upright, or laying down (a towel behind your neck to support is helpful)

2. Look to one side - hold

3. Look to the other side - hold

Anti-Nausea Stretches

This concept can be applied to other areas of tension by just passively stretching the area that is tense and holding for a minute or until released.  I have done this when my jaw is tight by simply holding my mouth open.  Just remember to stop and hold at a slight stretch sensation and before it feels like pain.  

Essential Oil Safety

One of the biggest questions I get regarding essential oils is about their safety. I am not a medical doctor, but I am committed to gathering information from more than one source to reduce bias since the internet is full of conflicting information. I am starting this post as a running list of the resources I've gathered and will add to it as questions come up. 

For now the main points that have been brought up have been safety around pets and kids. I will be adding some more general safety info and info on pregnancy and lactation soon. 

You can find more information on safety and toxicity studies here.  

The National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy has some good safety guidelines here

Essential Oil Safety

Pets - Main Points

  • Check with your vet before using with your pet.

  • Avoid direct contact with the oils, and never have them ingest it. If using topically, always dilute and be sure to check safety protocols specifically for pets.

  • Be sure when you diffuse it is in an open space, place where they cannot make direct contact and they have the ability to leave the room.

  • Be sure that oils are of good quality and not synthetic

Here is info directly from the ASPCA.

Here is another good pet safety post, and it has a specific list of oils not to use around dogs.


Kids - Main Points

  • Check with your pediatrician before using with your kid. 

  • Avoid ingesting unless consulting a trained professional.

  • Always dilute.

  • Keep oils away from airways.

  • If they have chronic respiratory illness, avoid vaporizing or diffusing. 

Here’s some info from doTERRA on safe use with kids

Here’s some info from a naturopath doctor on the cautions with kids.

Pregnancy and Lactation:

Always check with a qualified health practitioner before using essential oils during pregnancy or lactation. Below I've provided some links to explore for initial guidance.

Here is a good article about precautions and guidance with using essential oils in pregnancy

Essential Oils for Emotional Regulation

Essential Oils for Emotional Regulation

Last Winter, I got to attend a workshop on Emotions & Essential Oils from Amanda Porter, co-author of said book. As I listened to her story, I couldn’t help but think her story fit right in with the stories on my Embracing Intensity Podcast! She spent many years suppressing her emotions and now she helps others use essential oils to help fully process and bring them into balance.

I highly recommend the book and accompanying emotions wheel to help explore the emotional benefits of oils, but I’d like to share a few highlights of doTerra’s top 10 oils from that book and The Essential Life, which gives a ton of information including blending tips.

Lavender - There’s a reason that lavender is such a popular oil! It’s super gentle and soothing and I’ve used it to soothe a lot of skin irritations, but it also has amazing calming qualities. It also enhances communication and self-awareness. It can aid with anxiety, focus and sleep issues and balance emotions by moving from feeling unheard to expressed.

Peppermint - I feel like every person who you hear got into essential oils, we think “slap some lavender or peppermint on that.” Peppermint is an energizing oil to complement the calm of lavender. It brings a feeling of optimism and strength to face challenges. It can balance emotions by helping you go from feeling hindered to invigorated!

Frankincense enhances the properties of other oils, and is also used for focus and meditation. It is known as the oil of truth and helps with spiritual connection.  It balances emotions by helping move from a feeling of separation to a feeling of unification.

Melaleuca (Tea Tree) is known as the oil of energetic boundaries. It helps us to build healthy and respectful connections and feel empowered, resilient and safe. It also aids in responding to shock when used under the nose or along the spine. It can balance emotions by moving us from unsure to collected.

Oregano helps us bring humility, flexibility and non attachment. It can help bring us from feeling obstinate, or stuck in our ways, to unattached.

Lemon helps us bring focus and mental clarity. It also brings a feeling of energy, alertness and joy. It can be used aromatically to reduce stress. It can bring us from a place of mindlessness to feeling energized.

On Guard (blend) - This is known as the protective blend. It aids in setting healthy boundaries and helps us to feel capable, independent, strengthened and reinforced.

Breathe (blend) - This blend is good when we are sad, grieving or feeling unloved or constricted. It helps us to gain a feeling of openness and feel loved, supported and embracing of life. It can help bring us solace and healing. It can also aid us in sleep issues.

Deep Blue (blend) - This blend can help us when we are resisting pain or avoiding emotional issues. It helps us to feel strengthened, accepting, soothed, serene and healing.

Digest Zen (blend) - This blend can help us when we feel overstimulated, overwhelmed, apathetic or unenthusiastic. It aids us when we are having difficulty assimilating new information or experience a loss of appetite. It helps us to assimilate and adjust to experiences and to feel nourished and enthusiastic.

Both the doTerra Family Essentials Kit and the Home Essentials Kit have these top 10 oils and blends, but the Home Essentials Kit has three times the quantity.

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