Essential Oil Safety

One of the biggest questions I get regarding essential oils is about their safety. I am not a medical doctor, but I am committed to gathering information from more than one source to reduce bias since the internet is full of conflicting information. I am starting this post as a running list of the resources I've gathered and will add to it as questions come up. 

For now the main points that have been brought up have been safety around pets and kids. I will be adding some more general safety info and info on pregnancy and lactation soon. 

You can find more information on safety and toxicity studies here.  

The National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy has some good safety guidelines here

Essential Oil Safety

Pets - Main Points

  • Check with your vet before using with your pet.

  • Avoid direct contact with the oils, and never have them ingest it. If using topically, always dilute and be sure to check safety protocols specifically for pets.

  • Be sure when you diffuse it is in an open space, place where they cannot make direct contact and they have the ability to leave the room.

  • Be sure that oils are of good quality and not synthetic

Here is info directly from the ASPCA.

Here is another good pet safety post, and it has a specific list of oils not to use around dogs.


Kids - Main Points

  • Check with your pediatrician before using with your kid. 

  • Avoid ingesting unless consulting a trained professional.

  • Always dilute.

  • Keep oils away from airways.

  • If they have chronic respiratory illness, avoid vaporizing or diffusing. 

Here’s some info from doTERRA on safe use with kids

Here’s some info from a naturopath doctor on the cautions with kids.

Pregnancy and Lactation:

Always check with a qualified health practitioner before using essential oils during pregnancy or lactation. Below I've provided some links to explore for initial guidance.

Here is a good article about precautions and guidance with using essential oils in pregnancy