Essential Oils For Learning

As a school psychologist and coach who works with gifted, creative and excitable people, I have a special interest in using essential oils for emotional balance and to facilitate learning as the two are intricately connected. 

My son finds the use of citrus oils especially balancing and they help him to focus. Be sure when using with kids to always dilute and be aware of safety precautions

As with all essential oil use, be sure to have quality oils and use as directed. When in doubt, contact your qualified medical professional. 

Below I've included some properties of common essential oils, along with some doTerra blends. At the end, I share some custom blends you can make yourself. 

Essential Oils for Learning

Why use essential oils to enhance learning?

Essential Oils are an effective tool for enhancing our learning because the sense of smell goes directly to the emotional part of the brain. 

Our ability to focus and learn is directly related to our emotional and mental state. If we are feeling calm and clear headed then we are more ready to learn. 

What essential oils are especially helpful in supporting learning? 

All essential oils can be helpful in supporting learning because they each address different emotional issues that might interfere with being ready to learn. 

Here are some oils that are especially useful in supporting the learning process*:

Cardamom– Self-Control, tolerance, objectivity, patience

Clove–Decisive, clear boundaries, proactive, empowered, protected, capable

*Frankincense - Wisdom, truth, loved, protected, enlightened

Ginger– Empowered, unstuck, committed, present, purposeful

*Lavender - Open communication, calm, expressive, self-aware, peace of mind

*Lemon- Focus, mental clarity, energized, alert, rational, joyful, confident

*Melaleuca (Tea Tree)– Energetic boundaries, healthy and respectful connections, empowered, safe

*Oregano- Humble, nonattachment, teachable, flexible, willing

*Peppermint- Bouyant hearted, optimistic, relieved, strength to face pain

Rosemary– Knowledge, mental clarity, teachable, enlightened, flexible, open

Wild Orange–Creative, humorous, playful, spontaneous, abundant, hopeful

doTERRA Blends

Balance– Grounded, stable, self-contained, connected

*Breathe- Open, receiving, supported, loved

*Deep Blue- Strengthened, accepting, soothed, serene

*Digest Zen- Assimilating experiences, enthusiastic, nourished, adjusting 

InTune– Focused, completion of projects & tasks, calm, connected, grounded

Motivate – Motivated, encouraged, hopeful, energized, confident

*On Guard*- Protected, capable, independent, reinforced, strengthened

Serenity-   Calm, tranquil, peaceful, relaxed, connected

*  Oils in the DoTerra Home Essentials & Family Essentials Kits

Essential Oils for Learning - Oil Properties Chart

Custom Blend Recipes:

Calm - 12 Lavender, 8 Lemon (or wild orange), 5 Frankincense 

Clear Head (Headache, Stress) – Equal parts Lavender, Peppermint, Frankincense

Family Harmony – 10 Wild Orange, 8 Cardamom, 6 Ginger, 6 Clove

Focus/Energy – 12 Peppermint, 8 Lemon (or Wild Orange), 5 Frankincense

Get Unstuck – 10 Lemon, 8 Lavender, 6 Oregano, 6 Melaleuca

In Control – 10 Lemon, 8 Cardamom, 6 Oregano, 6 Melaleuca

Love of Learning Blend – 10 Lemon, 8 Rosemary, 6 Peppermint, 6 Frankincense

Sleepy blend – Equal parts Lavender, Frankincense


Emotions & Essential Oils 6thEdition, Enlighten Alternative Healing LLC (affiliate link)

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Love of Learning Essential Oil Blend - Essential Oils for Learning
Focus Essential Oil Blend - Essential Oils for Learning
Calm Essential Oil Blend - Essential Oils for Learning
Get Unstuck Essential Oil Blend - Essential Oils for Learning
Clear Head Essential Oil Blend - Essential Oils for Learning
Sleepy Essential Oil Blend - Essential Oils for Learning
Family Harmony Essential Oil Blend - Essential Oils for Learning
In Control Essential Oil Blend - Essential Oils for Learning