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I am speaking twice at the Oregon Association for Talented and Gifted Conference on October 20th at 11:15 and 3:00

Intensity and School Stress

The teen years are turbulent enough for everyone, but add in the intensity of over-excitability and high academic expectations often found in gifted students and that time can be even more challenging to navigate. In this interactive presentation, Aurora will share the connection between the 5 over-excitabilities and the 5 areas of stress, why focusing on achievement alone can actually decrease achievement, and building coping tools to increase energy and resilience. The audience will then have the opportunity to share their own experiences and strategies for building their own self-care tools and those of their teens.

Embracing Intensity

Aurora will share insights gained from interviewing gifted and outside the box thinkers on her Embracing Intensity Podcast including overarching themes and what tools and habits have helped them to use their fire in a positive way. The audience will also share their practices that have helped embrace their intensity.

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