You KNOW you were called to make a difference in the world!

  • Your passion and fire make you uniquely suited to deeply touch the lives of those you reach.
  • BUT, your sensitivity leaves you prone to crashing and burning when you put yourself out there.
  • Your sensitivity compels you to help where you can.
  • BUT there are so many people and causes you want to help, you get spread too thin or stopped in your tracks.
  • So you get stuck in this limbo where you aren't effectively taking care of yourself OR making the impact you'd like.
  • You feel like you are trying to serve from an empty cup.

I am convinced that intensity is the superpower that will change the world! 

Laurel Thatcher Ulrich said, "Well-behaved women seldom make history." This is because it is the passionate and driven who really make a difference. 

However, it is also the passionate and driven who are prone to crash and burn if they don't refill their own cups.

Let's fill our cups together and harness the power of our intensity so we can keep our cups flowing!

This fall I'm sharing a free one week challenge so you can:

Harness Your Power!

Starting Monday Sept. 11th. - Monday Sept. 18th

Build up your tools so you can:

  • Ground yourself when things start to feel out of control.

  • Pick yourself up when you start to get down.

  • Channel the power of your intense gifts so you can do your greatest work in the world!

What's Included?

  • 7 daily lessons with strategies to get you out of your own way and back into your "power zone.”

  • Daily tools you can print for your planner, or easily reproduce in your own notebook or journal. 

  • Interactive posts to share and learn new tools together.

  • Daily prizes to help build up your self-care tools! *

  • A group coaching call on Monday Sept. 18th at 4:00 PM PDT (7 PM EDT)  to explore areas where you might be feeling stuck. 

  • Excitability checklist to help you use your powers FOR you instead of against you.
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*Giveaway Guidelines: 

Grand Prize - Admission to our Fall Ignite Your Power Group Program - To enter sign up on for the challenge and you will receive additional entries for each time you share, tag or participate in the challenge via Facebook, Instagram and/or Twitter. Be sure to tag Aurora Remember and or #powertoolkit so I can see it!

Daily Prizes - Daily prizes will include tools to add to your self-care toolkit, including hand made diffuser necklaces with a custom essential oil blend (kindly donated by Amy Pearson of Brazen Essential Oils).  To enter just interact with my daily post on Facebook. The daily winner will be randomly chosen from the comments on the daily post with a random comment picker. 


"The toolkit alone was worth the price of the Ignite Your Power program!" ~ Rifat Salam, Professor of Sociology



The benefits of working with you have been so great in such a short amount of time. STAR is becoming my mantra when I'm hitting high stress times. ~ Alesia Zorn, Lettering Artist



"I like the STAR process because it's an answer to "I am feeling lost, what can I do right now? Becoming aware of what my sensitivities and excitabilities are has changed the way I approach my days. I give myself more rest and plan my tasks in a way that honors who I am. I loved connecting with other women who are as creative and driven as I am." ~ Lana Aburto, Early Childhood Educator