Intuitive Tools for Balancing Your Creative Energy

October 28th at Quinn Mountain Retreat - 30 min NE of PDX

Discover your intuitive type, map your intuitive elements and receive guided meditation, expand your perception with Tarot reading exercises, and then experience integration through creative Tarot arts

Tarot Session 1: Intuitive Personal Analysis

By Sarah Sadie McCarthy-Sitthiket

Introduction - Intuition and Tarot

Synchronicity and Tarot - Guided Meditation

Participants are guided to perform a one-card self-reading as a tool for loosening their logic driven minds and begin intuitively accessing information.

Tarot Reflection Prompt - Intuitive Journaling

Allow the intuitive voice to speak freely with a special tarot prompt.

Expanding Perception - Pair-work

Partners take turns sharing their insights and experiences from the meditation and tarot reflection.

Discover Your Intuitive Types - Questionnaire Results

Hand out pamphlets for individual results. Time for reading and note taking.

Integration Analysis - Group Discussion

Facilitated group discussion - structured to offer everyone a chance to share and for dialogue to build naturally.

Wrap up - Final Thoughts / Q&A


Start your own personal collage Oracle or Tarot deck

By Aurora Remember Holtzman

Making your own deck is a great way to tap deeper into your intuition as you choose the imagery and symbols that connect with you. Collage is an excellent medium because it lends itself to all levels of artistic ability.

As you work on starting your own deck, Aurora will go over:

  • The difference between oracle and tarot decks.

  • Organization of your deck - making your own deck allows the freedom to grow  your deck organically, or provide some structure through suits.

  • Some basic principles of layout and collage design.

  • Examples of other collage decks for inspiration.

We will provide materials to start your own personal deck, including cards, glue, scissors and various magazines and papers. (Feel free to bring your own images, magazines and papers for personal use or to share.)

Tarot Session 2: Intuitive Personal Adjustment

By Sarah Sadie McCarthy-Sitthiket

Introduction - Tarot tools for intuitively balancing our Self

Who/Where/What am I? - A Tool for Mapping Your Elements

Earth / Water / Air / Fire / Spirit - these symbolic elements are found in all Tarot and Oracle decks. This exercise involves: privately observing our own lifestyle, plotting lifestyle information, analyzing our lifestyle through a multi-dimensional map, intuitive journaling, and group discussion.

Tarot Card Reading - A Tool for Life Style Adjustment

Learn to perform personal card readings for yourself which will strengthen your relationship with your intuition, honor the truths of both your higher and lower selves, and give you immediate inspiration for how to experience balance as you proceed purposefully in life.

Mental Intuitive Meditation

Heart Opening Guided Meditation designed to balance the overdeveloped mental mind and drop into our passion, purpose, and high-vibe + deep emotional center.

Wrap up - Final Thoughts / Q&A