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Being UnNormal

In this episode, Kimberly Berry of Embracing Intensity ep. 95, and I talk about what twice exceptionality is, why hard work can be more important than IQ, and the intersection of gifted children and mental health. Listen here!

ADHD Essentials

In this episode, we’re talking ADHD and giftedness through the lens of someone who’s living it.  We explore growing up gifted, impulsiveness vs impulsiveness, the value of teachers who “get” your kid, and the importance of learning to self-regulate as a parent. Listen here!

Mindfully Creative

It was super fun to geek out about essential oils for creativity with fellow intense and creative podcaster and Embracing Intensity ep. 63 guest Sharon Burton! Listen here!

The Fringy Bit

I love listening to Jon and Embracing Intensity ep. 83 guest Heather Boorman discuss parenting intense kids. As therapists with a great sense of humor, it is always refreshing to hear their take on parenting. In this episode, I laughed to tears as we talked about how men and women process intensity differently. Give it a listen!

See in ADHD

I had so much fun chatting with guest host Tom Sardine on Embracing Intensity ep. 27 guest Jennie Friedman's podcast See in ADHD! The most entertaining part of this interview was hearing Tom's story about how he cheated his way OUT of the gifted program as a child! Listen here!

ADHD reWired

Eric Tivers' ADHD reWired podcast was my first podcast interview! We connected about a year earlier before my podcast launched. I told him I wasn't sure yet if my son was ADHD or (in hushed voice - just gifted and bored). This made me realize that it's much easier to talk about ADHD than giftedness. Give it a listen!

Third Factor Magazine

Third Factor Magazine

After 3 years of interviewing overexcitable adults for my podcast, Embracing Intensity, I’ve noticed some themes in our stories. All of my guests are people who have learned to channel their intensity in a positive direction—but it pretty much never started off for them that way. In this article I share common themes on the Embracing Intensity Journey.

Other Media

Being Me

Being Me

Authentic self-expression can feel like an enigma to a gifted or twice-exceptional person. How and with whom to express what it's like to be one's gifted self most naturally? And what's it like to be a gifted or twice-exceptional person working toward authentic self-expression? What does the path feel and look like? Join myself and 30 other members of the Intergifted Community in their Reflections on the Gifted Person’s Path to Authenticity.

Elephant Journal

My first guest post was on Elephant Journal called F@#! Positive Thinking!It got enough hits that it became a featured post!

Huffington Post

I became a Huffington Post contributor with this post I wrote on Why I Wore Orange For My Weddingand it got picked up by a few other publications, including the Daily Mail which prompted me to write about That Time I Got Trolled By Muggles. I also wrote a piece on the Mom Owned Business group I'm in called MOB Mentality: A New Way for Women to Connect & Thrive.


My first ever interview I was on YouTube with Melissa Opie, who was later on Embracing Intensity: Use Your Fire Without Getting Burned - Interview With Aurora Remember