Reset & Renew

One on One, Friend or Partner Retreats

Are you starting to feel like a burnt-out idealist?

You have been putting yourself last for so long, you are worn out. You know you need to take the time to plan for self-care, but you need to get away from it all to reset and recharge.  You need to reconnect with your fire so you can move forward with renewed energy!

Is this you…

  • When you’re working it’s go, go, go but the second you have a break you collapse from exhaustion, feeling like a slug.

  • Meaningful connection is important but when you do finally have some time you end up canceling on your friends (you're just too exhausted to go out).

  • You got into your job because you wanted to make a difference but you notice there’s a lot of stuff about the work that feels meaningless -- endless paperwork, writing useless reports and all those budget meetings.

  • You set ridiculously high standards for yourself (in fact other people are often intimidated by you) but you always seem to fall short -- it just seems that everybody else is so much more “together” than you.

  • Frankly, you are exhausted from trying to live up to your own expectations!

Lucky for you …

The very traits that drain you can be channeled to give you more energy!


  • Getting away from it all to set up a plan for self-care instead of building the airplane while it’s in flight.

  • Having a routine in your life that works, so you write every day, make sure to take a walk, drink your water, etc. but know how to adapt when you need to.

  • Knowing how to handle the everyday stress of life -- family visits, temper tantrums, employee evaluations, traffic jams -- without pulling your hair out.

  • Getting home from from a full day of work and having the energy to call up a friend and meet her for dinner or take a hot bath (with salts!) instead of coming home and crashing hard.

  • Sitting down with your family for dinner, looking around the room, and feeling happy, not anxious, not preoccupied, not exhausted just happy.

It is quite possible!

Aurora "gets" me without even saying anything. That is so comforting right there. She explains how intensity is related to any problem I bring her. I find it incredibly validating and very much a relief. She feels very down to earth and real with me. Not to mention how resourceful she is!! I highly recommend Aurora for coaching around intensity and sensitivity. I just had a session with her yesterday that is still bringing me smiles because she blew my negative thinking out of the water with a little share about her own life. I'm very grateful. She helped me put myself out there, which kicked off my entire coaching program." ~ Wendy Holthaus, Women's Resiliency Coaching

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Who AM I and How Do I Know This?

Hi, I’m Aurora Remember Holtzman

I became a school psychologist in order to help kids, but found the “system” draining and difficult to change. Going back to more days at my work left me feeling drained and I was getting chronic headaches again. Reconnecting with my purpose and vision for the future helped me feel energized and improved my current situation as well. I was able to make positive changes within the system I was in and move forward toward my end desires. I wanted to help other women reconnect with their purpose and reprioritize their own self-care.

That’s why I created the...


Reset & Renew Retreat

… a 3 day retreat and coaching intensive to help you recharge your batteries by reconnecting with your purpose and planning for your own self-care.  

The Reset & Renew Process

DAY ONE: Arrive and decompress.

  • Arrive at Quinn Mountain Retreat and explore the gardens, trails, labyrinth, coy pond and hot tub so you can decompress from your daily grind.

  • Create your own custom essential oil blends you can use to calm or energize so you can have them on hand to add to your toolbox of self-care.

  • Receive a Reiki aura clearing with essential oils to clear your blocks and prepare you for your healing work.

  • Access my creative space and supplies to create a vision board for where you would like to go to help provide clear direction for your coaching intensive.

DAY TWO: Coaching Intensive- Tailored to your individual needs

  • Set the tone for your day with a healthy breakfast and a morning walk or gentle movement. Then ground yourself physically and mentally with a personalized reiki energy treatment so that you can get the most from your coaching session.

  • Envision where you want to be and options of ways to get yourself there. Explore where you are now and the obstacles getting the way of where you want to be.

  • Plan small, highly-transformational, steps to move you toward optimal self-care. This may include things like meal planning, developing routines or simplifying tasks.

  • Integrate your experience with a labyrinth walk.

DAY THREE: Moving forward and Carrying On.

  • Explore the hidden tea house in the trees for solitude, meditation and mindful connection.

  • Write in your personal journal provided to take home your plan.

  • Receive an essential oil protocol to clear your energy and build boundaries to go back in to your daily life.


  • You will have a 90 minute follow up call after the retreat to check in on your plan, and make adjustments as needed.

  • You will also have access to my Ignite Your Power course to help continue your growth and self-care.

Quinn Mountain is an absolutely wonderful nature retreat center and B&B. Surrounded by lush gardens, beautiful forest, and overlooking the Columbia River Gorge, you couldn't find a more ideal location to rest, reflect, and explore the breath dating Gorge." ~ Rick Reynolds, Portland resident and founder of ShareOregon.

What's Included:

  • Two nights lodging at Quinn Mountain Retreat

  • Three days of access to the Quinn Mountain gardens, trails, labyrinth, hot tub and lodge

  • Six family meals customized to your dietary needs

  • One Reiki energy clearing session (1:1 or group session)

  • One day of 1:1 or group coaching

  • Two custom balancing essential oil blends in roller balls.

  • Access to my Ignite Your Power course to continue your progress

"Aurora is smart and genuinely committed to helping others. Her insights are always valuable, both in seeing what challenges an individual is facing and how they can make improvements in their life. Aurora is skilled at working with people diverse in age, race, and background. Her experience in education and psychology applies directly to the area of coaching. Both in one-on-one and group settings, I have gotten a lot out of conversations with her. I highly recommend her as a coach!" ~ Rose Hart, Program Manager at ThinkShout

What is the Investment?

This 3-day 1:1 coaching retreat is $1500 including room and board, and $2000 for a friend or couple retreat. Contact me for more details

How is this program different?

Because of the unique setting of Quinn Mountain Retreat, you are able to have the immersive experience of a retreat, with the intensity of 1:1 or small group coaching. This will enable you to experience more transformation than you could in a group retreat or online coaching program alone.

Important: If you do nothing…

… You may continue the cycle of sprinting then crashing.

… You could keep focusing on the things in your life that drain you instead of the things that energize you.

… You might be too exhausted to make the difference in the world you were meant to make!

Reconnect with your inner fire!

Connect with your unique powers, balance your energy and prioritize your self-care so you can use your powers to their potential.

Ready to take the next step?

Contact Me to Apply for a complimentary "Connect With Your Power!" strategy session to get clear about how excitability is showing up in your life, what’s getting in the way of connecting with your own power and next steps to move toward balancing your energy and Prioritizing Self-Care.

"The benefits of working with you have been so great in such a short amount of time. STAR is becoming my mantra when I'm hitting high stress times. I'm so glad I started with you as I'm working on finishing up this big project. I'd originally thought, "I'll wait until afterward, now is not the 'perfect' time." Thankfully, I tossed that thought out because learning about self-care and improving my self-empathy through all the stress and chaos was the 'perfect' thing to do! We had a conversation about sleep - or lack thereof, because I wake up at 5 AM with my brain on overdrive. The plan we came up with is helping immensely! Waking up at 5 AM with my brain on fire is becoming more and more rare and that's made a huge difference!" ~ Alesia Zorn, Lettering Artist