Power Zone Tools

When you pick up on every little thing, sometimes it can be a challenge to create structure in your life. I make up for my lack of internal structure through external tools and supports. These tools help me shift from spinning my wheels to moving forward. When I can’t find something that works exactly how I want it, I create it myself. Here you will find tools and resources such as journals, planners and free printables to support you in getting into your own “power zone.”

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Dot grid journals and planners suitable for:

  • Bullet-style journaling
  • Creating your own visual tools and supports to keep you in “the zone”
  • Providing structure of a yearly, monthly and weekly planner.

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Support the Embracing Intensity Podcast with Books for and By excitable women

  • Books recommended in the Embracing Intensity Podcast
  • Books recommended by members of the League of Excitable Women
  • Books written by members of the League of Excitable Women

Free Resources

Printable tools for planning and prioritization:

  • Planner documents
  • Prioritization tools
  • Other visual supports