Xpress Your Power!

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Pendant Store


Find a variety of 3d printed pendants including our original sandstone aromatherapy pendants.

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Apparel & Accessory Store

Apparel & Accessories

Find T-Shirts, mugs, bags and more! Including exlusive Embracing Intensity PodcastMerchandise.

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Amazon Store


Find dot-grid style paperback notebooks on my Amazon Author Page, and keep your eyes out for upcoming books.

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Wear your fire!

Wear your fire!

As neurodiverse and outside the box thinkers, we often diminish our own brilliance for fear of standing out or appearing "too much." By dulling our shine, we are depriving the world of the skills we have that are so desperately needed today. That is partly why the Embracing Intensity Podcast and Community was born, to celebrate those who are using their fire without getting burned and inspire others to do the same!

XPress Your Power! came about as an extension of the Embracing Intensity podcast to encourage people to not only claim those parts of themselves they have been afraid to claim, but to share it with the world through powerful words and symbols.

For product updates and information, go to xpressyourpower.com!