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How can I be too much and not enough at the same time?

This is a question for many gifted, creative and outside-the-box thinkers. Maybe this sounds like you...

  • You set ridiculously high standards for yourself (in fact other people might be intimidated by you) but you always seem to fall short -- it just seems that everybody else is so much more “together” than you.

  • You excel at many things, but things other people find "basic" come as a challenge for you. 

  • You were often told you were not "living up to your potential," but no one ever taught you how so you had to figure it out for yourself, or...

  • You pushed yourself to achieve to the point where you burned yourself out living for other people's expectations.

You are ready to embrace your strengths and use your own fire without getting burned!

I offer a variety of services and tools to support you in using your gifts, including educational assessment and consultation to find your power, self-exploration tools to harness your power and essential oil education to nurture your power. 

Aurora is a pioneer. A true thought leader in the area of excitability. The Dali Lama once said, "the world will be saved by western women." But how is that possible when so many talented and gifted women rush to judge themselves as wrong. Aurora helps excitable women stop making themselves wrong so they can see their true Super Powers! And then use them to do amazing things, in their own lives and in the world. Thank you Aurora!" ~ Amy Pearson, Live Brazen

"It's awesome to see Aurora's coaching programs for highly excitable people, because there's nothing else out there (that I know of) dedicated to helping women who are sensitive but at the same time energized by driving themselves intensely. Aurora understands how to support dynamic and spirited women - because she is one herself. If you want a smart and passionate coach who knows what it's like to find a way through the relentless "foot to the floor then slam on the brakes" cycle, Aurora is a great choice!" Mely Brown, Self-Care for Sensitive Women