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How can I be too much and not enough at the same time?

This is a question for many gifted, creative and outside-the-box thinkers. Maybe this sounds like you...

  • You set ridiculously high standards for yourself (in fact other people might be intimidated by you) but you always seem to fall short -- it just seems that everybody else is so much more “together” than you.

  • You excel at many things, but things other people find "basic" come as a challenge for you. 

  • You were often told you were not "living up to your potential," but no one ever taught you how so you had to figure it out for yourself, or...

  • You pushed yourself to achieve to the point where you burned yourself out living for other people's expectations.

  • You want to understand your own mind better or help understand your kid’s brain so they don’t have to go through the same educational challenges as you did.

You are ready to befriend your brain and use your fire without getting burned!

I offer a variety of services and tools to support you in using your gifts, including educational assessment and consultation, coaching and community.


Aurora "gets" me without even saying anything. That is so comforting right there. She explains how intensity is related to any problem I bring her. I find it incredibly validating and very much a relief. She feels very down to earth and real with me. Not to mention how resourceful she is!! I highly recommend Aurora for coaching around intensity and sensitivity. I just had a session with her yesterday that is still bringing me smiles because she blew my negative thinking out of the water with a little share about her own life. I'm very grateful. She helped me put myself out there, which kicked off my entire coaching program." ~ Wendy Holthaus, Warrior Hearts Coaching

Nisha Supahan

Aurora went above and beyond and cared about my son and his future success in a way that no one in this field had previously shown. Once the testing was done Aurora continued to stay in touch offering a follow up and of course making sure we understood what all the information meant. She gave us recommendations of how our son learns best and after 5 years of trying to make our son fit in to schools that didn’t understand or couldn’t accommedate his needs, we found a school that fits him. We finally had the knowledge and understanding of what would work for him. He is now THRIVING and went from failing 6th grade (getting D’s and F’s) to having one of the highest grades in his 8th grade class. I cried at his parent/teacher conference this fall. I will forever credit Aurora on helping my son become what he is meant to be. Thanks for everything! ~ Nisha Supahan, Owner of BaDundle and Tattoo 34